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Ad-hoc IT Support

Reactive support for when you need it

Ad-hoc IT support for businesses who want to fill skills or resource gaps in their own IT departments or for those who don’t require a fully managed service.

Not all businesses need a fully managed IT service, which is where Excalibur SupportPAK comes in. Essentially, it is reactive, ad-hoc IT support paid hourly. You benefit from the full suite of Excalibur IT support services and our proven expertise on a schedule that suits you and without a monthly commitment.

Key benefits of ad-hoc IT support from Excalibur:

  • Onsite and remote IT support
  • Reactive fault resolution
  • Proactive network and system monitoring
  • Planning, design and solutions development
  • Incident management and resolution

Excalibur SupportPAK support is pre-purchased in blocks of hours. You can use these hours as you see fit, for any of our IT support services including design, development and monitoring. We can cover out of warranty equipment, networks or systems out of maintenance contract and many other situations. It is a very flexible IT support service!

Ad-hoc IT support clients receive the same response times and the same levels of attention as our managed services customers. If you have an emergency, we get onto it right away. If you want to schedule consultations or service visits, you receive the same priority as all of our valued customers.

Features & Benefits

Onsite and remote IT support

As an Excalibur customer, you have unrestricted access to our expert technical support team. They can proactively monitor, reactively troubleshoot, offer fault resolution, configuration, provisioning and general IT support with a single phone call. Onsite visits can be arranged as part of your Excalibur SupportPAK should you require.

Proactive IT support
The full range of Excalibur proactive services are also available with ad-hoc IT support. Benefit from proactive network monitoring, penetration testing, phishing testing, system monitoring and management and other services as you see fit. All can be used with your Excalibur SupportPAK hours.
Design and development
If you require industry-leading IT planning, design and development, you can have it. We have an experienced team of solutions architects, systems designers, IT consultants and subject matter experts that can be utilised to deliver the solution you need at a price you can afford.

Why choose Excalibur

Regular account reviews

We perform quarterly account reviews to assess your usage and future needs. Reviews can highlight potential cash savings or benefits of extra services.

Expert support

Our in-house team of specialist support technicians are on hand to help with any issues you may have with IT services. Ad-hoc IT support from Excalibur is an excellent way to fill skills or resource gaps or to access expertise when you need it. If fully managed IT support is more than you need, Excalibur SupportPAK delivers the support you need, only when you need it.