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Hosted telephony gives you and your business the ability to communicate internally and externally via the cloud. The move to the cloud benefits your business greatly, with added security, scalability and reliability.

  • Scalable – Quick and easy to add or remove users when required
  • Cost Effective – Far cheaper installation costs than traditional phone lines
  • Secure – Dual security measures from both the provider and end user
  • Reliable – Backup data centres with recovery procedures in place

What is Hosted Telephony?

Hosted Telephony, also referred to as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is where your phone system is hosted in the cloud, rather than in your office or premise. Since it’s based in the cloud, it removes the need for costly physical hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN business phone lines; instead, your phone system essentially becomes a piece of software that only needs a stable internet connection to function. 

Moving from fixed to hosted telephony is one of the common technology transitions for businesses. With a majority of business interactions now being virtual, many businesses need a solution that gives flexibility for staff and customers.

Why Hosted Telephony?

The future of communications

With BT stating that all ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services related to PBX systems will be switched off in 2025, it’s important that businesses find a VoIP solution that can continue to support their communications requirements. A hosted telephony solution is a natural alternative that will be here for the long term. 


Hosted telephony provides you with the ability to integrate your phone system with a number of key office software’s. Depending on the hosted telephony provider you use, you can integrate with a majority of CRMs and allow interactions with key programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Teams.


Since hosted telephony is software based, additional users can be added instantly. This is a huge advantage for small and growing businesses, or any organisation going through a significant busy period, such as the run up to Christmas. VoIP is ideal for those who rent their business premises, because your numbers and devices aren’t tied to one physical location.

Cost-effective – Great for SMEs

Traditionally, one of the main problems SMEs faced when investing in a new communications platform has been the large initial outlay cost. Now businesses can Install a hosted telephony system without any expensive capital expenditure, and instead pay a monthly fixed fee, which can be much more manageable – especially for smaller organisations looking to manage cash flow.


There’s a common misconception that you need ultra-fast connectivity in order to use VoIP as your primary channel of communications, this is not the case. Providing you have a stable data connection in place, hosted telephony is a very reliable service. Unlike physical systems, hosted telephony isn’t susceptible to disasters like flood, fire and theft. Should anything go wrong, backup datacentres with recovery procedures in place can make sure your systems stay up and running. Giving you business continuity, no matter what issues arise.


With the increased demand for remote working, the ability to give your staff flexibility is one of the biggest benefits to a  hosted telephony system. With hosted telephony, you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection, from multiple devices. It’s also possible to make it look like staff are calling from certain locations (even if they’re not) – handy for those working from home but still using their usual line, or remote workers who need to look like local agents.

We help you select the right system

Making the transition to hosted telephony can be confusing for many businesses. There’s so many options available, it is easy to be overwhelmed with the different business phone systems and the multitude of features and add-ons available. At Excalibur we look to build a partnership with every customer, this means we take extra time to learn what your challenges are, how your staff operate, and most importantly, what your long-term goals and objectives. 

Once we know enough, we can propose the ideal hosted tailored solution that is optimised to support your staff and improve your overall customer experience. You can rest assured knowing that the solution in place is flexible and scalable enough to adapt with the demands and growth of your business. 

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We work with the best, to provide the best.

Excalibur have strong partnerships with Gamma, Vodafone and RingCentral. Each of the providers we use guarantee a market-leading telephony system that comes with a variety of enhancing features.  


Why Excalibur?

Based on values

Everything we do at Excalibur is set around a particular set of values. We have four main core sections – Personal, Expert, Fair and Bold. By aligning our business on these strong set of values – it shapes the way we work internally, and most importantly improves the service we deliver. Read more about our values.

Support focused

Most telephony providers have a low ratio of operations staff to compared to sales and marketing. At Excalibur we hold a 4:1 ratio of service staff to sales. This ensures that we have enough resources internally to continually deliver on-time and maintain an excellent standard of service.

On average we receive 4.8 out of 5 star rating as feedback from our cases.

Focused on engagement

We believe that by improving our own staff engagement and well-being, it positively reflects in the service we deliver. Excalibur is a Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2017, 2018 and 2020. We also hold the Federation of Small Business South West Award for Employer of the Year 2018. 

Highly accredited

At Excalibur, we continually look to achieve and uphold industry relevant accreditations that focus on improving the way we operate and our overall service. On top of all our partner accreditations, We can proudly say we are ISO 27001 accredited.

Hosted Telephony Services

There’s a range of different reasons a company needs Hosted Telephony, we’re confident our team can support you. Speak to one of our consultants about the challenges you’re facing and we’ll give you a free initial assessment.

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Frequently asked questions

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Is a hosted phone system secure?

Having dual security measures from both the provider and the end user means hosted systems are usually more secure than on-premise telephone systems. We work with our customers to ensure the right security procedures in place.

Is a hosted phone easy to set up?

Setting up hosted telephony can be simple, since there are no physical cables to install and connect.

To get started, all you need is a stable internet connection. In terms of the actual installation process, hosted telephony options are often ‘plug and play’ once they’ve been configured, so they also can be moved about easily – handy if you need to be flexible with where you are working.

What are the downsides to hosted telephony?

Since hosted telephony sends data through the internet, you’ll need a stable connection to support a hosted system.

Without this, it’s likely your call quality will be impacted. Fortunately, Excalibur specialise in a range of reliable, dedicated connectivity services,