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Taking 30 suppliers down to just one, Excalibur worked with First City Group to support their growth plans.

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First City Group comprises three organisations covering nursing services, training and a charitable trust. Each is distinct but works in alignment with the other under the First City banner. They have a head office in Swindon and branches in Cheltenham, Salisbury and Chippenham and a nursing home in Purton.

Thanks to huge growth, First City Group now employs over 500 people across Wiltshire. The company’s IT infrastructure grew alongside but now cannot keep up with the pace of growth and development. With older equipment, outdated software and analogue telecommunications, changes needed to be made to improve efficiency, security and productivity.


The first challenge to address was communications as it is the cornerstone of any business. We implemented a Vodafone One Net solution to bring landline and mobile together using the powerful, yet simple to administer cloud system.

Next we tackled the infrastructure. By upgrading connectivity with an unlimited Business broadband FTTC connection, updating hardware that needed modernising and introducing Office 365 across the company, we were able to bring everyone up to the same level, using the same equipment in the same way.

Finally, we implemented the Excalibur Managed Print Service and the Managed Service Agreement to take the IT burden off First City Group. Our in-house IT teams installed monitoring agents and took over all the IT infrastructure on behalf of the client.


The results of these changes were felt immediately. Head office can better manage staff, respond faster to requests and are now always in contact with each other. Unified systems allow anyone to access schedules and important data either within the office or while on the road.

Planning and resource management is more effective and collaboration is simple thanks to innovative cloud solutions. The improvements in networks, hardware and software has also increased security exponentially which is essential for a regulated industry such as healthcare.

Add the convenience of being able to hand off all IT responsibilities to Excalibur and First City Group can now concentrate on their primary goal, that of delivering exceptional care to those who need it.

What they say about us:

We couldn’t carry on with systems that didn’t collaborate, out of date tech and the admin nightmare that comes along with 30 different suppliers. It had all got to a critical point and my focus needed to be fully on the operations management, not dealing with the day to day IT issues.

I see Excalibur as a long term partner with First City. Both of our reputations are built on excellent service, highly qualified staff and going above and beyond to make a difference. I would and often do recommend them to other businesses for their expertise.

Stephen Trowbridge
Managing Director at First City


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