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Installing CityFibre to help First City Nursing with their digital transformation

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First City Nursing is an established home care and nursing services provider to the health and social care sector throughout Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

The company is committed to using technology to maximise business efficiency across multiple sites and to support its homecare personnel working in the community.  Access to fast internet connectivity is a key element of this.   As the company continues to grow and with new contracts to provide carer services for local authorities, First City’s bandwidth requirements keep rising.

As its IT and communications solutions provider, Excalibur Communications, installed a full fibre, CityFibre connection into First City’s new Swindon headquarters.  Overnight, First City gained gigabit-capable internet connectivity at speeds at least 10 times faster than most UK business broadband connections.  This not only meets the company’s current and future broadband demands but has reduced its connectivity costs.  Full fibre connections are on average 30 per cent cheaper than traditional leased line broadband solutions.

The faster, symmetrical and reliable connectivity full fibre brings, supports all the company’s day-to-day IT, network computing and app demands.  Files and data of whatever size, can now be downloaded and uploaded faster wherever they are needed, in the office or remotely.  Staff can access key management applications like Microsoft 365 and bespoke care apps in real-time, via the Cloud.  This has already made a positive impact on reducing time spend on admin and travel between client visits for caring staff.


  • Faster and more reliable communication between headquarters and homecare personnel
  • Secure sharing of confidential client and contract data
  • More efficient scheduling of home care visits
  • Enables the delivery of more cost-effective care solutions
  • Future-proofing bandwidth requirements
  • Ability to take advantage of enabling technologies like IoT
  • Capacity to support internet (VoIP) telephony

The Future

Excalibur and First City Nursing are already looking at how CityFibre’s gigabit-capable internet services, alongside the roll out of 5G, will enable the company to use Internet of Things (IoT) tech to develop a new generation of “intelligent” care solutions.

As the demand for care increases, First City Nursing believes IoT will play an important part in developing new, affordable care services for in-home clients.  For instance, if a service user does not take their medicine or falls out of bed, First City will receive an automatic digital call for action.  First City in the near future will have the ability to assess the situation centrally, then raise an alarm, call or visit their client as appropriate.  This will make sure in-home clients receive the care they need, when they need it.

What they say about us:

Having full fibre in the building means I no longer have to worry about having enough bandwidth as we take on new customers, or if we want to roll-out specialist care apps for our care staff to use. With CityFibre connectivity, we are already doing things much faster, whether it is sending out daily schedules to our carers or downloading daily in-home client information back to the Council.

Excalibur has configured a total IT and comms package that balances all of our operational and communications requirements so we can concentrate on providing excellent and cost-effective care to the NHS and our in-home service users.

Stephen Trowbridge
Managing Director


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