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Remote locations and poor signal issues were resolved by using Vodafone Sure Signal devices and 4G handsets.

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238 premises
2400 Staff
1 unified communications solution

S.A Brain & Co Ltd is a name that’s found above the door of more than 238 pubs, bars and hotels across Wales and the west of England. The company is a 24/7/365 business enjoying rapid growth. The business needed a communications partner to manage their mobile infrastructure and provide proactive account management.

With 2400 staff, S.A Brain needed to maintain productivity in a range of locations with minimal downtime. There was also the challenge of poor signal areas for staff based in remote areas and an emergency Wi-Fi device requirement for new properties or those with temporary connectivity issues.

The Solution

With a strong customer base in the hospitality industry, Excalibur already had knowledge of the challenges that S.A Brain were facing. They provided Vodafone Sure Signal devices for the workers in remote locations. They enable several mobiles to be connected and calls to be made via the Wi-Fi connection.

After bringing Excalibur’s ‘Technology Roadshow’ to Brain’s offices, the Moto G smartphone was deemed to be the best fit with superior compatibility. They also provided Vodafone 4G units that are able to support multiple devices to address connectivity for emergencies and new properties.

Excalibur also implemented full account management and support, as well as user guides and training.

The Result

S.A Brain is now running a fleet of uniform connected devices that are supported by legacy MDM software. The price plans are constantly reviewed by Excalibur to ensure they are providing the best possible value.

Staff at remote locations are now connected and there are minimal issues with poor reception due to the portable Wi-Fi units. As fast-moving and rapidly expanding business, Excalibur has ensured that S.A Brain are well connected to achieve the growth plans they have in place.

What they say about us:

‘We appreciated the honesty and openness that Excalibur demonstrated throughout the tender.’

‘Since then, they have gone above and beyond to provide us with a first class support service that we cannot fault. We find them very hands on and thorough which is exactly what we need. We don’t have the time devote to ensuring we get value for money and decent support so we’re extremely pleased that Excalibur were able to step in and take it on for us.’

Craig Coombs
Business Support Manager

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