““Excalibur took on a company with little IT expertise and worked with us patiently to bring us up to speed. They treat us like partners and have made sure we always know what’s going on and take the time to explain the risks and rewards of any changes, what to expect. We wanted a local business with strong IT support and Excalibur delivers that. I see a long and fruitful relationship in our future!””

Lucy Griffiths 

Swindon Property Group

Swindon Property Group

Their Challenge

The challenge facing Swindon Property Group was from many years of concentrating on servicing clients and not on supporting the technical needs of the business. Like many organisations, this is a successful company that were not IT-focused and who had a reactive approach to IT rather than proactive. Their expertise lies in property and people and not technology.

With 12 staff, some of whom work outside the office, and an increasing demand for technological solutions, that had to change.

How did Excalibur help?

The challenge facing Swindon Property Group made Excalibur the ideal partner. We specialise in working alongside non-IT focused companies and helping them discover the value a comprehensive IT strategy can deliver.

We first performed a full audit and created an IT package that would deliver exactly what the business needed at the lowest possible cost. Our project manager then walked the team through every step before it happened so the company always knew what to expect and what was going to change.

We initially introduced a Managed Service Agreement that would provide peace of mind over the long term and Supportpak hours to cover small developments throughout the year. Once the initial onboarding process was complete and the relationship settled, we are now working together on a roadmap to review, replace and update all the IT. We now manage all of Swindon Property Group’s IT needs including support, strategy and future planning.

How do Swindon Property Group operate now?

The results of this project have been overwhelmingly positive. Swindon Property Group has found a local partner they can trust and whose ethics and values align with their own. They also have IT expertise delivered in a way that resonates well with a non-technical workforce.

What opportunities does this bring?

Staff can now work more efficiently, provide listings, paperwork, property details and floor plans faster and deliver a much more responsive service to clients as a result. The company is more confident than ever that they are compliant with new GDPR regulations and will be kept up to date by Excalibur of emerging technologies and the opportunities they bring.