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The charity committee has been put together to enable Excalibur to fairly distribute funds and resources to community groups and charities. The committee sits down once every couple of months to make final decisions in which charities we will support and how much we'll raise.


We put an appeal limit of £1000 per inquiry, we put this limit on so that every charity and community group can get a fair share of the pot. This does not necessarily mean we always agree to the maximum. Occasionally we will make exceptions to raise the maximum.


Some charities and community groups often need manual support rather than money, Excalibur are happy to help when and where we can. Whether it's painting the walls or transporting goods, whilst we try to be as flexible as we can, this is usually offered to communities or charities which are based locally.


Working in an office and in the IT and Telecommunications industry, we occasionally have old/spare pieces of equipment that can donated. This doesn't happen very often but if we receive an equipment inquiry then we will see what's available. This isn't limited to just technology equipment, it can also include office stationary and office furniture.

The Committee

Meet the members


James Phipps

Committee Leader

Amy Hill

Committee Member

Brett King

Committee Member

Jack Ellis

Committee Member

Rob Doig

Committee Member

Clare Lawless

Committee Member

Laura Pawlowska

Submit a request


If you’d like to get in touch with Excalibur in regards to supporting your charity, please submit the form to the right. Whilst we appreciate some requests are more urgent than others, the charity committee reviews every appeal fairly.

Please keep in mind the charity committee gets together once every two months to review appeals. In some cases, the committee will review appeals quicker if the request has short deadline.

If you’re not looking to submit a request or have any questions regarding the charity committee, please e-mail in at marketing@excaliburcomms.co.uk

Any additional comments about why the support is needed and what your charity/support group does