Managed services began as a way for businesses to save money on traditionally capital-heavy IT infrastructure projects. Rather than building a new server room or buying a stack of hardware to provide a new platform, companies began looking to outside providers to do all the hard work and lease the platform from them on a per seat basis.

It was a model that quickly took hold and as the industry improved and began offering higher service quality and wider product offerings, the entire managed services business exploded. Fast forward several years to the present day and now you can get almost any application and any service as part of a managed service. From email to office suites, full IT support to telecoms and everything in-between.

To make managed services work, you need two things. You need a provider you can rely on and a solid managed services agreement that works for you. With Excalibur as your managed services provider, the first requirement is already taken care of. We can also handle the second. Managed services agreements

The managed services agreement is the contract between your business and your managed services provider to deliver the services you need at a quality you demand, at a price you can afford.

There are three compelling business advantages from a managed services agreement with Excalibur. They are:

Cost savings – The whole premise of managed services is for your business to be able to access professional IT services without the investment and ongoing costs of doing it yourself. That means no hardware costs, lower support costs, no licensing and a much reduced spend across the board.

Reduced responsibility – While most businesses are not afraid of responsibility, we would all admit that the less we have, the better we function. Being able to offload your IT work to your provider means you can turn your attention and your resources to more productive tasks.

Improved expertise – Maintaining your own IT team is expensive and time consuming. Skills need constant updating, training is always ongoing and manpower costs can quickly escalate. Saying goodbye to much of that is a welcome relief to many businesses. In return for using a managed services provider, you get access to a team of subject matter experts as part of the price.

In the end the benefit of managed services agreement all boil down to one thing. Enabling businesses to enjoy enterprise level IT without the enterprise level costs. If you can get the same high quality service for less, why would you not take advantage of it? Contact Excalibur today if you would like these advantages for your business!

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