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ADSL2+ business broadband

Business broadband connections provided using existing copper telephone lines

ADSL2+ business broadband connections are provided to your premises using existing copper telephone lines. The technology has the advantage of not requiring any significant engineering to deliver while being very cost effective.

In areas without other business broadband options such as Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC), Ethernet first mile or cable, ADSL2+ may be suitable. ADSL2+ lines can also provide a useful backup solution for your primary business fibre broadband or other connection.

ADSL technology uses existing telephone lines already laid to your premises to deliver a business phone and broadband connection in one. Using special filters, you can still use your telephone line for calls as well as broadband without one impacting the other. An ADSL2+ modem will be provided which allows access to your broadband while a telephone can use the standard wall socket.

Speeds vary depending on the distance to the closest telephone exchange you are. The closer to the exchange, the faster the ADSL2+ speed.

Typical speeds for ADSL are between 2Mbps and 24Mbps downstream and up to 1.5Mbps upstream. ADSL2+ Annex M can trade download speed for a higher upload speed should you require it. Exact speeds will be dependent on your line and distance from the telephone exchange. We can tell you what speeds you can expect upon request.

ADSL2+ is provided on a ‘best effort’ basis. It is a contended service which means download speeds depend on network traffic in your area and can vary at different times of day. Advances in traffic management and reliability means you will rarely see significant slowdowns in your broadband speeds but it is possible.

ADSL2+ business broadband connections are cheap, reliable and offer decent speeds for the money. If this is your primary internet connection or a cost-effective backup solution, Excalibur has a range of excellent business phone line and broadband deals that deliver the connectivity you need!


Ideal for rural businesses

If your office is based in a rural location with no access to fibre optic, ADSL 2+ is an ideal solution and can provide the connectivity speeds needed to perform basic operations.

Easy set up

ADSL technology uses existing telephone lines already laid to your premises to deliver a business phone and broadband connection in one. This means that implementation is extremely straight forward and can have very little set up costs/complications.

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