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High performance wireless connections that deliver consistent speeds, industry-leading security and reliability you can depend on

Excalibur delivers business WiFi solutions that provide secure, reliable wireless access within your premises. High performance wireless connections that deliver consistent speeds, industry-leading security and reliability you can depend on.

Managed WiFi networks are time and cost efficient. Excalibur provides and manages the hardware, sets up secure networks and manages the entire infrastructure. You benefit from fast, secure business WiFi that helps you get things done.

Key benefits of Excalibur business WiFi:

  • Enterprise-level speeds and security
  • Fully managed, hands-off WiFi
  • Smarter networking with BYOD
  • Indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Full access to the Excalibur technical support desk


WiFi for business

There are many business benefits to having secure WiFi within your premises. It increases productivity by enabling staff to access network resources from anywhere. Provides instant access to data, business intelligence and other digital assets and enables unified communications within an organisation. You can also provide the means for BYOD and customer guest networks should you want them.

Secure business WiFi

Security is the cornerstone of everything we do and having a secure business network is an essential part of that. If you don’t have the expertise in-house or would prefer to utilise those skills elsewhere, Excalibur can help. We can design, build and fully manage your business WiFi network with enterprise level security built in.

A fast, secure WiFi network capable of high density capable of gigabit speeds and utilising the latest technology is just the beginning. Our business WiFi solutions include full design and build, can be fully managed and deliver robust security protection. It is also fully scalable and adaptable should your needs change or new technology offer different opportunities.

Why choose Excalibur

As an industry leader in IT services, Excalibur has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions to exceptional businesses. Work with us and benefit from our fully managed services that deliver exceptional service quality and competitive SLAs. All of our solutions are supported by our own UK-based support team that offer fast, efficient resolution to any issue you may have.

Expert support

As a valued Excalibur customer, you also have access to your own account manager who will act as a single point of contact for anything you might need. You will also receive regular service reviews and be able to use our expert technical help desk.