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Ethernet First Mile (EFM)

All the benefits of a leased line without the cost

Ethernet First Mile (EFM) is the closest you can get to a leased line without the financial commitment. Delivered similarly to FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), EFM provides synchronous speeds, excellent reliability and short lead times.

An EFM line uses FTTC technology to provide a fibre connection to your closest street cabinet and then multiple copper lines to your premises. Depending on what service you require, up to eight copper lines will be paired to deliver uncontended bandwidth for your business.

Business benefits of EFM business broadband includes:

  • All the benefits of a leased line without the cost
  • Uncontended, dedicated business broadband connection
  • Fast broadband speeds suitable for SIP or VoIP
  • Reliable enough for converged data, video and voice
  • Full access to Excalibur’s technical support desk

Ethernet First Mile ( EFM )

EFM broadband is an excellent option for fast moving small to medium sized businesses who do not yet require a leased line. It offers many of the advantages with none of the overheads. You benefit from fast, uncontended broadband speeds and extra reliability thanks to those bundled copper pairs.

You can also benefit from symmetrical upload and download speeds. This offers improved compatibility with speed or bandwidth sensitive services such as SIP, VoIP, video, SaaS services or other network-intensive productivity tools.

Available speeds depend on your location, proximity to your street cabinet and the quality of the copper lines. Typical speeds are up to 35Mbps in both directions. Some providers guarantee that headline speed while others offer it as ‘best effort’.

EFM offers uncontended speed which is why it is ideal for businesses that depend on their broadband connection. The combination of synchronous speeds and no contention means you can rely on your business broadband to deliver consistent service at any time day or night.

With competitive SLAs as part of the package and access to Excalibur’s technical support desk, EFM is one of the most popular business broadband products we supply.

Exact EFM speeds depend on location and line quality. Our expert team will be able to tell you whether fibre optic broadband and EFM is available in your area when we discuss your options. We will also assess maximum and average connection speeds once we have performed our survey.

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