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Super-fast connections using the latest technology

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) connections are an excellent fibre broadband option for many businesses in built-up areas. FTTC fibre optic broadband is one of the most popular business internet products in the country.

FTTC broadband is a hybrid connection that uses fibre optic cables from within the provider network all the way to your closest street cabinet. From there it uses a standard copper phone line for that last short distance to your premises. As the copper element is so short, the line is capable of much higher speeds.

Benefits of FTTC broadband include:

  • Superfast connections using the latest technology
  • Currently the fastest broadband connection available for many businesses
  • Reliable download speeds of up to 80Mbps
  • Fast, simple installation and setup
  • Cost-effective business broadband with no engineering required

FTTC fibre optic broadband


FTTC is an excellent business broadband option as it utilises existing connections. This means there is no construction, engineering or set up costs required and you benefit from some of the fastest internet speeds available.

If your premises does not have cable or fibre to the building, FTTC is the best option for internet speed and reliability. Depending on your location, distance from the street cabinet and the quality of the line into your building, FTTC fibre broadband is capable of up to 80Mbps download speeds and 20Mbps upload speeds. That is significantly faster than ADSL2+ and suitable for most small to medium business requirements.


Fibre broadband


Many urban and suburban areas will have FTTC access. The technology is being gradually rolled out to more rural and outlying areas. We will be able to tell you whether fibre optic broadband is available in your area when we discuss your options. We would also be able to let you know what kind of connection speeds to expect once we have performed our checks.

Fibre to the cabinet connections are the best of both worlds. You benefit from partial fibre optic connections without the expense or engineering required to connect your premises. You also benefit from the latest technology and fastest speeds on a network that is more reliable than ever before!


Reliable speeds

For most businesses, FTTC is currently the fastest broadband connection available and can offer a reliable download speed of up to 80Mbps. This is a good speed for small to medium sized businesses and is suitable to perform a majority of operations.

Access to more services

With a faster connection, it opens up a world of new possibilities for your business. Cloud based solutions, intelligent apps and advanced communications are possible with quicker connectivity.

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