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GEA Fibre Express

GEA delivers a fast, reliable business broadband connection

GEA Fibre Express utilises Generic Ethernet Access (GEA) and fibre optic connectivity to deliver a fast, reliable business broadband connection.

GEA Fibre Express is a hybrid network connection that takes the best of FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and uses copper lines from the street cabinet to your premises. Where it differs is that it uses the Ethernet protocol. This delivers uncontended transit for your internet traffic.

Business benefits of Generic Ethernet Access can include:

  • Synchronous download and upload speeds
  • Uncontended connection for maximum productivity
  • Cheaper than leased lines or Ethernet first mile
  • Cisco router included as standard
  • Supports SaaS, VoIP and VPN services

Generic ethernet access

GEA FTTC connections are an excellent solution for premises that are not cabled or able to have fibre to the building. They build on existing reliable FTTC technologies that use fibre to the cabinet and copper to the building while offsetting the major downsides of FTTC, contention and being asynchronous.

While improvements in network technology and traffic management have removed much of the contention issue, some still remains. If you depend on unrestricted internet access to provide SaaS, VoIP or other connectivity, GEA Fibre Express delivers.

A synchronous connection enables the same upload and download speeds. If you use network intensive applications or depend on connectivity to be productive, this offers a significant advantage.

GEA broadband typically has five speeds, 2Mbps, 5Mbps, 10Mbps, 15Mbps and 20Mbps. That speed is in both directions and uncontended. So no matter how busy the network is, your bandwidth is guaranteed.

With GEA, UK coverage is the same as FTTC. If you already benefit from an FTTC connection, it is likely that you could also utilise the advantages of generic ethernet access. As the technology is also well-established, lead times are impressively short too.

Our expert team will be able to tell you whether fibre optic broadband and GEA Fibre Express is available in your area when we discuss your options. We will also be able to let you know what kind of connection speeds to expect once we have performed our checks.

Generic ethernet access makes perfect sense for businesses who want more. More reliability and more upload speed. Whether used as a primary business broadband connection or cost effective backup, GEA FTTC delivers!

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