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Guest WiFi solutions

Create an excellent customer experience with guest Wi-Fi solutions

Seamless WiFi coverage where you shift from mobile to WiFi without even knowing it makes for an excellent customer experience. It is one of those small things that makes a great first impression. Excalibur’s guest WiFi solutions deliver precisely that.

You likely know from personal experience that when you visit a company without guest WiFi, or if you have to ask for a WiFi password or have to jump through hoops to get connected, your opinion of that company suffers. If the network speed is slow, coverage intermittent or the experience is anything other than seamless, that opinion falls lower still. That is not a good way to start a business relationship.

Avoid all that with Excalibur guest WiFi solutions.

Our guest WiFi solutions can securely partition your existing business network so guests have access to the internet but none of your private data. We can also build separate guest networks should you prefer. Either way, your visitors benefit from fast, secure internet access with no barriers.

Key benefits of Excalibur guest WiFi solutions:

  • Seamless network access for guests
  • Fast, reliable WiFi signals within your premises
  • Secure separation of guest and corporate networks
  • Quick, straightforward setup and management
  • Full branding and reporting options available

Features & Benefits


Delivering an excellent visitor experience without compromising data security is paramount. By using a separate guest network within your existing business infrastructure you can offer full access to the internet while protecting company data and resources. Fully secure and fully compliant.


Customisable guest WiFi experience

You can brand your guest network, add a splash screen, add analytics and access detailed reporting on its use. You can add range or capacity, add extra guest subnetworks and configure your guest WiFi experience however you like.


Guest WiFi networks can be configured using your existing enterprise WiFi solution. It generally requires little or no extra hardware depending on what you already have and requires little or no administration or management. Excalibur will survey, design and build a cost-effective guest WiFi solution that delivers the features and reliability you need at the lowest possible cost.

Why choose Excalibur

Choose Excalibur for your connectivity solutions and receive exclusive rates and support from our expert team

Expert support

As an industry leader in IT services, Excalibur has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions to exceptional businesses. Work with us and benefit from our fully managed services that deliver exceptional service quality and competitive SLAs. All of our solutions are supported by our own UK-based support team that offer fast, efficient resolution to any issue you may have.

As a valued Excalibur customer, you also have access to your own account manager who will act as a single point of contact for anything you might need. You will also receive regular service reviews and be able to use our expert technical help desk.