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Leased Lines

High speed broadband with dedicated connectivity

A leased line is the next level in business broadband. As the name suggests, you lease a dedicated line that delivers a guaranteed uncontended network connection at a range of capacities depending on your needs.

Leased lines are perfect for businesses who depend on network connectivity. They are fast, reliable and all yours. Ideal for intensive use including voice, video, MPLS, data and any use you can to put it to. It’s your leased line, use it your way.

Business benefits of a fibre leased line include:

  • High speed broadband with dedicated connectivity
  • Symmetric, uncontended leased line connection
  • Scalable up or down in 10Mbps increments
  • Ideal for network-intensive applications such as HD video, MPLS, voice and SaaS
  • Enhanced reliability over copper

Fibre leased lines

A leased line connection is ideal for medium or large businesses that require a dedicated fibre connection from the premises. It is essentially your own internet connection to use as you require. Leased lines can be configured as point-to-point between two premises or as your own connection to the internet.

One significant advantage of leased lines is that they can be configured exactly how you want. If you want to securely connect two premises, you can. If you want to provide high speed, dedicated bandwidth to the internet, you can. If you want to remain productive with guaranteed connection speeds, 99.9% availability and no contention, you can.

Available in a variety of speeds with no usage caps and dedicated bandwidth, leased lines offer the highest quality levels and reliability. Leased lines are available from 1Mbps up to 10Gbps depending on your location and the network level at your nearest exchange. Lines can be supplied with a backup solution for extra redundancy if required.

A leased line is inherently secure which is a key requirement for many businesses. As you have your own fibre connection and dedicated network bandwidth, it is not shared and can be secured using VPN or more advanced encryption methods.

Excalibur will configure and provision your leased line to meet your exact requirements. Speeds are dependent on your location and equipment levels are your nearest exchange. We would be able to discuss exact speed, SLA and uptime guarantees once we know about your needs.

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