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Super-fast connections using the latest technology

MPLS, Multi-Protocol Label Switching, is a fast, secure way to connect multiple business locations. With flexible connectivity options, scalable service levels and speeds as well as excellent security, MPLS networks are one of the fastest-growing enterprise-level network types available.

Key benefits of MPLS networks:

  • Fast MPLS connection speeds
  • Flexible connectivity options
  • Centrally managed network with high availability
  • Resilient network architecture for maximum reliability
  • National and international reach

How does MPLS work?

MPLS is a protocol, not a connection type. It uses a range of physical connections, FTTC, leased lines or EFM to physically connect your locations. Essentially, MPLS acts as a virtual private network. All of your data traffic is labelled and directed according to the rules you set. Network routers read the label instead of IP addressing, which is not only faster, but securer.

With little overhead and genuinely super-fast routing, MPLS is currently the fastest network protocol available!

MPLS networking, flexibility at the core

MPLS networks are also scalable and flexible. As a protocol that uses existing connections, you can add and remove locations as you see fit. MPLS works with SIP, VoIP, VPN and most other internet protocols meaning you can send whatever traffic you require to anywhere you require.

As a leading business communications provider, Excalibur is able to deliver exceptional connectivity tailored to your exact requirements. We can manage the entire process for you too. We can design, build and manage your MPLS network on your behalf. Our expert technical helpdesk can monitor it too!


Flexbility on connectivity

The use of labelling not only means your connection is fast, you can also assign multiple QoS (Quality of Service) priorities. Want to prioritise HD video over data? You can. Need to maintain the highest quality cloud telephony connectivity? Assign VoIP or SIP traffic priority over all other traffic. Whatever your needs, MPLS can be configured to deliver.

Secure traffic choices

MPLS traffic is kept separate from general network traffic and securely routed to its destination. Traffic can be further encrypted or otherwise secured should you require it.

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Expert support

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