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Vodafone Sure Signal

Provides 3G signal to areas with little or no coverage

Vodafone Sure Signal is a Wi-Fi enabled device that creates a local 3G network in any space. It is ideal for areas with little or no 3G coverage or older buildings within which mobile signals cannot reach. Plug the Vodafone Sure Signal into the socket, join it to your network and enjoy strong, localised 3G coverage that sends traffic over your network rather than the airwaves.

Vodafone Sure Signal is ideal for small businesses or SoHo (small office, home office) setups. It is cost-effective to run and requires no administration after initial setup.

The Vodafone Sure Signal 3 is a small device that plugs directly into the mains. It can handle up to 32 registered numbers and 8 simultaneous calls. All you need is a network with Wi-Fi and a minimum upload and download speed of 1Mbps.

Benefits of Vodafone Sure Signal include:

  • Small device that is simple to set up
  • Provides 3G signal in spaces with little or no coverage
  • No administration once numbers are registered
  • Low-cost answer for poor mobile signals
  • Works in older buildings and basements

The Vodafone Sure Signal box uses a mains socket to provide power and includes a pass-through should sockets be at a premium. Once configured, the space can benefit from a strong 3G signal that provides the usual crystal clear voice and fast 3G data speeds Vodafone customers have come to expect.

Features & Benefits

Quick and easy setup

This third version of the Vodafone Sure Signal box is smaller and more reliable than ever. Compatible with many routers, networks and business broadband setups, it takes little configuration and next to no ongoing management. Set it up, register the numbers you want to use on your network and that’s it.


Flexibility for larger businesses

Excalibur can provide a range of Vodafone In-building solutions for larger enterprises upon request. As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, we have access to the full range of connectivity solutions that can connect your business. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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