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Enhanced 365 Backup

If you already use Microsoft Office 365 for business, you know your data is safe and secure but not fully protected. Microsoft guarantee availability of the suite and applications but not your data. To fully protect the data you use with Office 365, you need Enhanced 365 Backup.

Excalibur’s Enhanced 365 Backup solution is designed to offer extra peace of mind for mission critical data. Using the industry-leading Skykick cloud to cloud backup, you can benefit from redundant backups with unlimited storage, unlimited retention and secure access all day every day.

Typically, the Skykick SaaS application takes six snapshots per day and uses incremental backups to keep files up to date. That means if the worst should happen, the most you would ever lose is a couple of hours work. If you depend on data to do business, it makes sense to use Enhanced 365 Backup.

Business benefits of Enhanced 365 Backup:

  • Unlimited storage with no data caps
  • Unlimited retention of your backups
  • Six backups per day, every day
  • Safe, secure backups with up to 256-bit encryption
  • One-click file recovery

Microsoft Office 365 for business has robust backup policies but to benefit from advanced retention features you would need an E3 licence which is expensive. Enhanced 365 Backup is designed specifically to deliver robust backups of all email and data.

Recovery quickly from data loss

It takes an average of six hours to recover lost data from tape, backup server or cloud storage. With Enhanced 365 Backup the same process can be completed in minutes. With the one-click file recovery feature, you can be up and running again in the shortest possible time.

Enhanced 365 Backup provides enterprise-level backup for Office 365 without the enterprise cost. It integrates seamlessly into your Microsoft Office 365 deployment and can be controlled by a simple dashboard. That dashboard allows full control over how the backups operate and provides the search function to quickly restore lost data. It is a simple but very effective backup solution.

With nothing to install, unlimited backups, one-click restore and no limits on storage or retention, Enhanced 365 Backup delivers real peace of mind for Microsoft Office 365 users.

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Unlimited storage with no data caps

Unlimited retention of your backups

Safe, secure storage with up to 256-bit encryption

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