The need for speed

Demand for faster connectivity is higher than ever. Large volumes of data, video and voice traffic are being transmitted on a daily basis making it vital for businesses to stay connected to ensure they can run effectively and efficiently. As your business changes and evolves you’ll find you connectivity requirements change too.

Many businesses brush aside connectivity issues assuming it’s something which should be tolerated as part of working life, situations such as buffering videos in sales presentations, not being able to access shared files in an important meeting, or simply spending too much time waiting for web pages to load. All of these things are time consuming, embarrassing, could lose you business and negatively impact productivity.

Are you aware of the time you lose with poor connectivity speeds? We ran a survey back in May to over 100 office workers which found 25% of employees spend over a quarter of their time at work dealing with connectivity related problems. That’s a lot of time wasted.

Excalibur would love to show you that it doesn’t have to be this way!

It’s easy to get the connectivity speeds you need

Depending on your location and the level of upload and download speeds you require, we can recommend a business broadband service to ensure that you get the best possible internet connection.

If your business uses a higher volume of data than normal, we can design a solution to ensure there is no single point of failure, so if any of your individual routes go down – your business will continue to operate. As an added extra, we provide fully managed provisioning and in-life support services, so that if anything goes wrong, our service teams will resolve the problem for you.

We offer a free consultation too, ideally we like to help you plan for now and into the future so we can design a solution that aligns to your business plan. Supporting business growth and expansion is something we are excellent at.

So let us assess your requirements and tailor the plan to see where we can save you money, improve productivity and better service your customers.


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