Fewer things are more frustrating than slow connectivity. Are you aware of the impact it could have on your business?


1. Inefficient working environment


Whether you’ve been browsing holidays or catching up with your favourite TV programme, we’ve all experienced slow internet at some point. It’s painstakingly frustrating having to cope with it and at home we often seek the quickest solution to solving the problem. Why should it be any different for where you work? When employees have to cope with slow connectivity, it not only slows down productivity, but it can also have a knock-on effect to motivation and attitude creating a poor working environment.


2. File sharing is slower


Not only does slow connectivity affect the people who work under the same roof as you but also any field-based employees, clients or agencies you work with. It requires a great deal of bandwidth to download and upload larger files and if your connectivity is not up to scratch, this can create a huge delay in transferring documents which in-affect can impact deadlines.


3. Limiting Customer Service


With customer expectations continually increasing, the performance of your internet speed can make all the difference. In the modern world, businesses look for new ways to leverage connectivity to find better ways of providing excellent customer service. Features such as screen sharing, video streaming from a customer’s phone and other digital forms of service are only possible with a suitable connection.


4. Guest Wi-Fi Expectations


As mentioned before, expectations are getting more and more demanding. We’re all guilty of it, when you enter a coffee shop or visiting an office – we look for some form of guest Wi-Fi. Whilst a lot of us can cope without it, our initial first impressions of the place can be tainted. In today’s standard, free and fast Wi-Fi is more than just a perk, guests will notice the speed difference between what you offer and what your competition down the street offers. In some cases, it can be the difference between whether a customer stays or goes.

5. Poor Video Conferencing


As businesses look to expand internationally, connecting with clients all over the world can require a more personal connection than simply a phone call. Whilst it’s not quite the same as a face-to-face meeting, video conferencing can often be a suitable substitute. However, having delay or lag in a VOIP meeting can make communications in difficult and in some cases not worth the struggle. Even a video conference with one person can be demanding on your broadband, so if you’re planning to add several team members, you need to ensure everyone’s connection is suitable.


How to improve your connectivity


If you think your connectivity is not fit for purpose, e-mail one of our advisers via welcome@ex-c.co.uk we’ll discuss the best options for your business. Alternatively you can see our connectivity solutions here.

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