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Excalibur Phishing Service

Most phishing protection software is very good at what it does but it will not capture everything. Depending on a single solution for complete protection is never advisable. The number and sophistication of phishing, spear-phishing and impersonation attacks is increasing all the time. Is your business ready for them?

The Excalibur Phishing Service will illustrate just how ready you actually are.

The Excalibur Phishing Service has been designed to offer insight into weaknesses within your business. Carefully constructed and fully tracked phishing emails can identify training needs, weak spots and areas of vulnerability to this growing threat to data security.

How the Excalibur Phishing Service works

The process is actually very simple. We use a specially crafted email with all the attributes of a real phishing attack. We send it to your company and track exactly who opens it, what happens, how effective your existing defences are and how aware staff are about what a phishing attack looks like.

The Excalibur Phishing Service uses a ‘friendly’ phishing attack to identify shortcomings in your network security. It will identify any training needs and any physical vulnerabilities in network defences. You can then remedy those weaknesses before a genuine phishing attack can take advantage of them.

The Excalibur Phishing Service works in a similar manner to penetration testing and has similar benefits. We copy an oft-used attack vector exactly like a scammer would. The email looks identical to a genuine phishing email. Every interaction with the email is tracked and can identify where training needs to be improved and where awareness needs to be increased. All before it happens for real.

This proactive network security service is proving exceptionally popular with businesses around the country. With more data breaches hitting the headlines, more IT managers than ever are now aware of the risks. The Excalibur Phishing Service identifies whether your staff are aware too.

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Excalibur Phishing Service

Proactive phishing service

Check your readiness before a scammer does

Track every aspect of the journey

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