How Excalibur can save you money on business mobiles

It may seem counterintuitive to be able to save money using a provider rather than going to the network direct, but cost savings aren’t the only benefit from allowing Excalibur to provide your business mobiles. We do save you money but we also offer much more besides.

I don’t know of anyone in the world of work that doesn’t have a work phone. Some use the latest handsets with productivity software and 4G connections. Some use ancient feature phones because they think smartphones are too expensive. All pay a premium for being a business customer. It doesn’t have to be like that.

Save money on mobiles with Excalibur

We can save you money on the majority of contracts through being a Total Communications Partner with Vodafone. That means we get the best handsets, the best tariffs and the best overall deals. Because we send so much business to Vodafone, they offer economies of scale. Economies not available to anyone but the largest enterprises.

It isn’t just about the tariff or call costs. We can provide access to bolt-on features such as Vodafone World Traveller, Euro Traveller and other special deals. Add in our expertise in setting up and configuring your phones and you save time and money.

If that wasn’t enough, how about mobile phone insurance? Does your current provider offer a 4 hour turnaround on a replacement device for business customers? We can.

Get more for less

Headline savings and bolt-ons are only one side of the coin when considering mobile contracts for business. What about customer service? What about support? What about being a small voice in a very large pond? All things Excalibur can help you with.

As an Excalibur customer, you get access to our industry-leading technical support desk. Manned by business mobile and technical experts, there are very few questions they cannot answer directly. This support comes as standard to every Excalibur business mobile customer.

We also offer the latest handsets at some very competitive prices. Whether you’re keeping up with developments or replacing older models, Excalibur can ensure you get the best handset for your needs and budget. Guaranteed!

Go secure

Everything is about security nowadays. Be it network, data, physical or something else. That’s why we offer access to Vodafone Secure Net and Secure Net on Wi-Fi for business users. Browse safely and securely using your mobile device anywhere, at any time.

Our technical support team can also offer help and advice for securing your phones, encrypting your data and many other helpful tasks. All you have to do is ask!

If you want to save money while experiencing a whole new level of service, talk to Excalibur today. Our business mobile experts are here to help and we’re passionate about service delivery.

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