As more customer information is collected and stored in the Cloud or data warehouses, business owners of all sizes have a huge responsibility to protect this data and shore up their cyber security. In 2018, SMEs saw an unprecedented number of cyber attacks, including a far greater number of ‘Trojan Horse’ violations. This marks a shift in the hackers approach from attacking businesses from the outside, to getting network users, employees, to do it for them. Fake apps and viruses are bought into a building on personal devices, which, when linked to the company network, spread without anyone realising sensitive data is being harvested, until after the event.

Hackers think of ever more inventive ways to game the system, so it’s essential to stay ahead and keep cyber defence under regular review as outlined in GDPR legislation. Not having the right protection can cause significant losses in terms of money and reputation.

“Testing” your own cyber security is a good indicator of whether a company has the right digital protection. Clearly, if you fail your own hack, it is time to put new security in place and train staff how to spot classic hacks and phishing emails. There are also a number of business indicators that should prompt a review and possible upgrade;

Current and new customers have expressed concerns over your current systems

If you get reported to an organisation such as the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), for a breach of security, you could face a hefty fine.

Employees bring their own devices to work

If multiple devices are connecting to your IT system, you are more vulnerable to attack. Specialist device management software makes sure a business can protect company and client information (detects non compliant devices and manages usage permission and more).

GDPR brought about no change in security to your company

GDPR affected almost every business in the UK, as increased regulation affected all aspects of how you collect and store data. A key part of this was ensuring your systems are secure. All business are now open to surprise inspections from the ICO.

Your company is growing fast and resources are stretched

As a company grows and takes on new customers and staff, all aspects of infrastructure need expanding. Security must not be left behind.

You don’t have a company cyber security policy

You need a cyber policy in place both for customer peace of mind, and to give those in-side your company a framework to act on. If there’s no policy, it’s likely your existing systems are not strong enough.

Your business has been attacked

If you have experienced any security breaches, it’s time to upgrade before it happens again.

You have disparate, out of date data storage solutions

Modern hackers have access to highly advanced techniques and devices that are capable of overcoming old, outdated storage solutions. If you store sensitive data in multiple different locations, consider bringing data storage into one central, secure location.

We can help

Hackers hunt the weakest systems regardless of your business type. Join us on 28th March for our interactive cyber security event combined with Ironshare and the South West Regional Organised Crime Unit and take part in a Lego game fighting cyber crime. Register here

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