On their own merit, the Nokia Lumia is an excellent phone range. Even the lower end Nokia Lumia 520 and 521 are well-built, well designed and specified with enough power to manage your social and professional life at once.

Despite the loud colours of some of the cases, the Lumia line does have business needs at heart. Here are five reasons businesses should consider using Nokia Lumia.

1. Microsoft Office

If your business uses Office, the Lumia line is for you. The phone includes a copy of Office so you can collaborate on projects on the move. As part of Office, it also has Outlook with Exchange integration so you can keep in contact and remain productive wherever you are.

You can view and edit documents, email through Outlook and instant message through Lync, all from your phone.

2. Large screen

Most smartphones now have screens large enough to work effectively and the Lumia range is no different. With up to 6 inches at 1080p, some Lumia models such as the Nokia Lumia 1520 are ideal for business use.

Even the smaller Nokia Lumia 800 with its ClearBlack display is excellent to work with and won’t hurt your eyes after five minutes of using it either.

3. Ease of use

If you use Windows at work, you can use a Nokia Lumia phone. Windows Phone as an OS has come a long way since its introduction. It’s now faster, more streamlined and more intuitive than ever. It’s also easy to use, with Live Tiles being a particularly beneficial function.

4. Range of models

Choice is certainly nothing the mobile phone market is short of, but the diversity in the Nokia Lumia range is refreshing. If you want a flagship phone, the Nokia Lumia 2520 is the current king of the crop. However, if you want something more modest, there are a dozen other worthwhile models to choose from.

All Nokia Lumia are priced competitively and offer something unique to each. So you really can get the right phone for your needs.

5. Security

No business user is going to contemplate editing confidential documents on their phone if it isn’t secure. Windows Phone 8 has 13 layers of security built into the core system. All apps are certified before hitting the app store and the OS will only run certified apps.

The Nokia Lumia line also uses encryption as standard to keep your data as safe as possible. Remote control will allow you to lock or wipe your phone from the cloud should the worst happen too.

Those are just five of the many reasons why the Nokia Lumia line of mobile phones are good for business. Now you just have to decide which model to choose!

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