Considering getting fixed telephony?

Having a fixed landline is still a vital component of many modern and effective companies. Despite the growing use of mobile communication, if you have an office environment, then fixed telephony is a must have. If you choose the right provider, then you will have a reliable and easy way to communicate with your customers each day. But to make sure you do choose the right fixed telephony solution, here is what your business will need from it.

1. An affordable rate

Though the price is not all that you should consider when choosing your landline solution, it should, of course, be on your list of priorities. There are plenty of providers around, this competition means that you should be able to find a competitive price to suit your needs. Just be sure to compare this point alongside the following, and you may need to be willing to pay more than the lowest provider.

2. A solution that can grow with your business

When deciding on your fixed telephony, you will, of course, need to assess the current needs of your business and decide what is suitable. But, just as importantly, you should look at where your company will be in six months, one year and three years’ time. If you are expecting a period of substantial growth and a larger office environment, then the solution you choose should be able to scale with you.

3. A reliable service

Again, with so much competition around and dramatic progress being made in fixed telephony technology, you should expect to get a reliable service. You should ask all prospective suppliers about their uptime rates and ask them to show proof of their reliability. A good approach to take is to research the company online to see what their current customers are saying.

4. Fantastic customer service

Last, but by no means least, you should expect to receive fantastic customer service from the company you choose. They should value you as a customer and offer suitable support services for whenever things go wrong, which they likely will at some point. You can quickly get a feel for their customer service by your conversations with them. But again, a good way to validate this is by seeing what other customers are saying about them online.

Ultimately, you need to ensure that you choose a fixed telephony provider that can give you exactly what your business needs, can do so at a competitive rate and then offer suitable aftercare. This is where Excalibur Communications comes in. We have been providing fixed telephony solutions to businesses all across the UK for many years now. Our range of services can be tailored to companies of any size, and we are able to expand and contract these services as necessary. Better yet, we assign you a personal account manager who can quickly and effectively handle any problems you may have. To find out more about our fixed telephony solution, get in contact today.

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