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Excalibur offer a wide range of line rental packages. Using our independent Tariff Analyser, we are able to understand what your current usage is and then design a solution which is best for you.  There’s is no need to change phone numbers or equipment either.

Just provide us with a copy of your recent bill and we will arrange it all for you. The acronyms aren’t the only confusing part of the fixed line world – let us help you take away the pain points of managing a critical part of your business!

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Excalibur offer a simple range of call packages – including excellent rates to international numbers. We use our independent Tariff Analyser, to understand what your current usage is and then design a solution which is best for you.  Most customers discover they are paying for features they have never used and then want to implement new ones like international call barring, caller display and call diverts.

Send us a copy of your recent bill and let us see what savings we could bring to you.

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As more and more business understand the cost and hassle of having multiple suppliers for fixed line calls, rental and connectivity, SiP is becoming the easy, low cost way of upgrading from ISDN.

When you consider the additional benefit of consolidating voice & data traffic in your business, predictable monthly costs and guaranteed call quality, it isn’t a surprise that this is the fastest growing telephone service in the market place.

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Our Inbound Number Services enable businesses to manage their incoming calls in a way that suits them. There are many features of Inbound Numbers, but most commonly used are: enabling a call to be answered by any phone, in any location; IVR/Auto Attendant functions; call queuing services; and voicemail to email notification.

Excalibur’s Inbound Number services include a management portal and an App. The portal allows secure online management for administrators in the set up and management of your business calls. In addition to controlling incoming calls from your mobile phone, you can also view call statistics – how many callers are getting through, where callers are based, what your call trends are and details on individual calls.

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