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Gamma Horizon – CRM Integration

Integrate Horizon with your CRM

Horizon Integrator is a powerful addition to the Gamma Horizon business telephone system. It provides the means to integrate the power of your cloud phone system with existing productivity or CRM software. Horizon Integrator enables you to use Gamma Horizon on your desktop without having to log into the Horizon Portal.

Horizon Integrator allows staff to simply click a contact in Sage or Salesforce and call them through Horizon. You could also prepare for all with call preview, enabling you to use the correct salutation, access caller details and any pertinent information that can make you look more professional. All while Skype for Business shows your status as On a Call or Do Not Disturb. Fast, efficient and friction-less.

Horizon Integrator also enables:

  1. Call preview from Outlook.
  2. Click to dial from Outlook.
  3. Skype for Business integration.
  4. Desktop controls for calls.


Call preview from Outlook

The Call preview function of Horizon Integrator enables staff to prepare for the call seconds before it is delivered. You can call up the caller’s name, job title and account details from Outlook before the call arrives enabling you to hit the ground running during the call and appear more professional as you do it. On top of that, you can also make outbound calls seamlessly, simply click a contact in Outlook or even a web page and Horizon will place a call. It is a fast, simple way to make calls with minimum fuss.

Skype for Business integration
Skype for Business integration provides a seamless join between the two systems. On a call on your Horizon cloud phone system? Your status will be reflected in Skype. Be shown as On a Call or in Do Not disturb so you’re not interrupted.
Desktop controls for calls
Horizon Integrator places desktop controls for calls on every computer. Manage call history, forward calls, change your status and more with easy to manage control tools. Horizon Integrator is compatible with 20 of the most popular CRM packages, including Salesforce, Sage 50 Accounts, Lotus Notes 7, SuperOffice and Microsoft Office. It can be integrated into most desktop environments to supercharge the productivity potential already possible with the Gamma Horizon business telephone system.

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