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Vodafone One Net Enterprise

Unify all your business communications

Vodafone One Net Enterprise is designed specifically for larger organisations who want to achieve more for less. It introduces a fully managed and future-proof unified communications solution built around your specific needs.

When you choose this Vodafone business solution, we first analyse your requirements and build a customised product that delivers the features you require.

If your staff spend a lot of time out of the office or working from home, a unified communications solutions enables them to remain productive wherever they may be. Customer calls can be delivered to any device, anywhere. Documents can be effortlessly shared across devices and you get to provide a seamless customer experience with none of the expense of setting up your own contact centre.

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Excalibur is uniquely placed to offer Vodafone One Net Enterprise.

Benefits of Vodafone One Net Enterprise include:

  • Seamless integration of desk phone, mobile, softphone, desktop, laptop and tablet.
  • Intelligent call routing designed specifically around your requirements.
  • Cloud-based or on-premise solution managed by us.
  • One bill, one supplier.
  • Zero maintenance and upfront costs.
  • 24/7/365 support and proactive monitoring.

Why use Vodafone One Net Enterprise?

If you want to improve the customer experience, handle more calls or improve productivity, Vodafone One Net Enterprise can help.

Vodafone business solutions such as One Net brings all of your telecommunications and computer networks together in one cohesive ecosystem. You can take a call on a desk phone, mobile or softphone, transfer calls seamlessly between devices and access intelligent call routing across the board.

Inbound numbers can be delivered anywhere, you can create hunt groups, skill groups and delivery rules. You also get access to auto-attendant functions such as queueing and call waiting too.

Vodafone One Net Enterprise can be delivered as a cloud solution or on-premise. The cloud-based system requires no hardware, no downtime and no investment. On-premise is managed by us and installed by us and is perfect for companies for whom security is of primary concern.


Tailored to your requirements

Vodafone One Net Enterprise is the last word in unified communications solutions. It can be tailored to your exact requirements, fully managed and maintained on your behalf and enjoys over 99.9% uptime.

Future proof

Vodafone One Net Enterprise also brings a truly future-proof solution with a clear roadmap for development. Setup and integration is seamless and you have the flexibility to configure the system as you see fit.

Account management
You not only receive 24/7/365 support from Vodafone One Net Customer Services, you also have access to Excalibur’s own technical helpdesk who can assist with any aspect of your service. You also get your own account manager who acts as your single point of contact for everything. Regular account reviews and responsive support are also part of the package.

Why choose Excalibur

Choose Excalibur to provide your Vodafone One Net and we ensure a swift and easy installation as well as expert support along the way

Regular account reviews

We can perform regular account reviews to assess your usage and future needs on a schedule to suit you. Reviews can highlight potential cash savings or benefits of extra services.

Expert support

Our in-house team of specialist support technicians are on hand to help with any issue you may have with your phone, service or contract. This is in addition to Vodafone’s own support.

Great deals

As a Vodafone Total Communications Partner, Excalibur has access to a range of amazing deals on Vodafone business plans. We can offer prices and features not always available elsewhere.