Following the recent EU legislation change regarding roaming charges, Vodafone have made changes to their Business Plus Traveller, Advance Traveller and Freedom Traveller plans.

Effective from 15th June 2017, those customers with these tariffs will see a £6 per month reduction in the monthly line rental/access fee for each connection on the Traveller tariffs.  In addition to reduced Vodafone line rental, customers on the relevant tariffs will also receive an extra 100 minutes of International calls in their allowance.

Furthermore, Vodafone have a Summer Roaming Promotion which allows Business Plus, Advance and Freedom customers to roam in Europe Zone 2 using domestic rates until 01 October 2017.  You will be notified of this via text when landing in an applicable country.  These changes will automatically happen, so you can sit back and enjoy the benefits!

To summarise:

  • All Vodafone customers can roam in Europe Zone 1 using domestic country rates
  • Customers with Business Traveller versions of the Plus, Advance and Freedom tariffs price plans:
    • Will no longer be charged a daily fee in Europe Zone 1
    • Your inclusive allowance for international calls will be increased by 100 minutes
    • Your monthly access fee (MAF) will be reduced by £6
  • All customers in Europe Zone 2 will incur standard roaming rates, or you can use your UK allowances for £2.50 per day if opted in to Euro Business Traveller
  • Summer Roaming Promotion means that all Business Plus, Advance and Freedom customers can roam in Europe Zone 2 using domestic rates until 01 October 2017

With Vodafone roaming options from Excalibur you can use your phone just as you do in the UK in 110 destinations worldwide. There are no more additional charges* to use your phone across most of Europe – which is great news for businesses of all sizes.

If you’re travelling further afield, there are a range of solutions which allow you to use your UK plan for a small daily fee. That means you’re free to communicate, collaborate and access all the information you need while abroad. It’s the simplest way to enjoy peace of mind, helping you to do business globally while keeping your costs firmly in one place.

* Standard calls, texts and data use only. Non-geographic, premium-rate and other non-standard calls and texts will continue to be charged at current roaming rates. A fair usage policy applies, please check your relevant price plan for details.

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