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Microsoft EMS

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) delivers the capability for staff to work safely and securely anywhere, at any time, on any Windows, Android or iOS device.

Imagine being able to work anywhere, logging into a laptop, mobile or desktop and having all your programs, apps and network drives ready for work. That is exactly what Microsoft EMS delivers.

Microsoft EMS is a cloud-based identity management and security platform that strikes the perfect balance between effective security and ease of use. It signals a shift in direction for IT. Rather than concentrating on devices, EMS concentrates on the user. Access is configured per user and activated upon login. Applications, access, settings and programs are synchronised per user and made available on whatever device they sign into.

Microsoft EMS is made up of four components:

  • Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics
  • Microsoft Intune
  • Azure Information Protection

Benefits & features

Azure Active Directory Premium

Azure Active Directory Premium provides a single sign-in across devices and programs within your infrastructure. It controls what users can access, when and how. It also provides granular control of data. It can introduce two-factor authentication, app syncing across devices and a range of other advanced features.

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics provides detailed analysis and protection against the latest security risks. Using machine learning, the system analyses, learns and creates a baseline of network activity and behaviours. It can then quickly identify variations and alert you. The system will also generate actionable timelines to help remedy and prevention.

Microsoft Intune

Antivirus, malware and phishing protection is the most basic IT security. Hosted locally on each machine or controlled from the cloud, we can utilise a range of award-winning security solutions to deliver effective protection against malicious code. Our proactive phishing testing can also help identify weaknesses before a scammer does.

Azure Information Protection
Security auditing and reporting can help identify where your IT security is working effectively and where it needs improvement. It can also identify behaviours, popular attack vectors, emerging threats and situations where we need to harden defences.

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