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Network security

We provide advanced managed firewalls, multi-layer VPN products and two-factor authentication solutions that keep your network safe.

Excalibur are network security experts. We provide advanced managed firewalls, multi-layer VPN products and 2FA (two-factor authentication) solutions that keep your network safe.

Barrier security is your first line of defence. It needs to be robust, carefully managed and able to protect you from intrusion, data loss and loss of system integrity. As the entry point for all network traffic

Benefits & features

Managed firewall

A managed firewall acts as the cornerstone of your network security as it is the point at where all traffic enters your area of responsibility. Firewalls will be equipped with both proactive and reactive features, full reporting, traffic logging and management and be monitored 24/7. They are the ultimate protection for your network.


Multi-layer VPN

VPN, Virtual Private Networks are well-established methods of safely transporting data across the internet. Using a secure encrypted tunnel between the source and destination, you can confidently send confidential business data from one location to another.

Two-factor authentication

If you have ever had to enter a code sent via SMS to log into a website or enter a separate code from a keypad to log into internet banking, you have used 2FA (two-factor authentication). It is a valuable extra layer of protection that elevates network security to a whole new level.

Why choose Excalibur

Expert Support

As an industry leader in IT services, Excalibur has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions to exceptional businesses.

Work with us and benefit from our fully managed services that deliver exceptional service quality and competitive SLAs. All of our solutions are supported by our own UK-based support team that offer fast, efficient resolution to any issue you may have.