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SOHO/Small Business IT Support

Small businesses face many challenges. Don’t let IT be one of them

The average small business has a lot going on. A focus on survival and growth, product and service development, marketing and all manner of other tasks. Resources are limited and time is short. That’s why Excalibur’s PurpleMe IT support package was developed.

The PurpleMe IT support package is specifically designed to meet the needs of SOHO and small businesses. It covers device procurement, system setup, networking, communications, desktop support, security, software and everything you would expect from a leading IT solutions provider. All wrapped up in flexible packages designed to deliver the support you need at a price you can afford.

PurpleMe IT support packages can include:

  • Desktop procurement, setup and support
  • Networking, security and hardware
  • Mobile device procurement and setup
  • Software configuration and support
  • Full access to the Excalibur technical support desk

If you know what you need to achieve but have no idea how to achieve it, we can help. Our small business experts have a wealth of experience working with SOHO and small businesses. We can design an IT infrastructure that can be as simple or as complex as you need. From sourcing a reliable desktop and printer to installing a full network with unified communications solution, we can help.

Features & Benefits

Networking and security

All businesses of all sizes need to be connected. Excalibur’s PurpleMe IT support can get you talking. We can design and install a network, then secure it with industry-leading security solutions. We work with you to fully secure your business from the very first day ensuring full compliance with relevant legislation so you don’t get caught out.

Mobile working
Mobile working can include WiFi networking, fast 4G connectivity to a full unified communications package. We can design a mobile working solution that delivers the capability you need and that can be scaled as you require.
Software support
From firewalls and antivirus to Office 365 and other productivity suites, Excalibur can deliver advanced software to deliver the functionality and flexibility you need. Many productivity suites are available through the cloud and can be integrated with mobile working, unified communications or your WiFi network for maximum flexibility. Excalibur’s PurpleMe IT support has been specifically designed for SOHO and small business customers. Flexible, scalable solutions at a price you can afford

Why choose Excalibur

Expert Support

As an industry leader in IT services, Excalibur has the expertise and experience to deliver exceptional solutions to exceptional businesses. Work with us and benefit from our fully managed services that deliver exceptional service quality and competitive SLAs. All of our solutions are supported by our own UK-based support team that offer fast, efficient resolution to any issue you may have.