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Apple Business Devices

Apple Business Devices

Apple business devices are eminently suitable for the working world despite being optimised for consumers. Capable, stylish and secure, they deliver the performance and reliability you can depend on. iOS, the software that runs Apple devices is a closed ecosystem, meaning it is more secure and less prone to malicious software than Android or Windows.

The Apple iPhone and iPad both empower businesses to do more. With lots of features, built-in security and thousands of productivity apps, there a lot to recommend Apple mobile phones and tablets.

On top of that, thanks to its huge user base, most CRM, ERP and productivity platforms are either iOS compliant or have an iOS app. Staff can use a range of approved apps that keep them productive while on the move

Devices & features

Apple iPhone

The Apple iPhone should need little introduction. Having sold hundreds of millions of handsets, Apple have steadily refined and improved their device. It is stylish, rugged and has some of the best usability on the market. With large Retina displays, it is easy to live and work with an iPhone.

Apps for business
Apple supports thousands of enterprise level apps and even has some built in. iOS comes with Calendar, Contacts, Maps and other apps that can sync with the desktop. The App Store has thousands of productivity apps that enable everything from enhanced security to analysis, productivity, sales tools and every conceivable business task.

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