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EE Medium to Large business mobiles

Business and Business Value plans

EE is the largest mobile network in the UK and covers the majority of the country. It offers fast 4G connections to the majority of urban areas and double speed 4G+ to an increasing number of cities. As an EE Strategic Partner, Excalibur has access to a range of customised tariffs that offer excellent value for money.

EE business plans provide:

  • The UK’s largest 4G network
  • Access to double speed 4G+ networks where available
  • Flexible contract terms
  • Wi-Fi calling on all compatible handsets
  • Inclusive conference calling and voicemail
  • Inclusive European roaming

EE business tariffs include single plans for individual users or sharer plans where voice and data allowances are shared across a group. There are also SIM only plans if you already have newer handsets and some competitive mobile broadband deals.

Features and plans

EE business single user plans

EE business single user plans are simple to manage and control. Each user is billed individually and receives their own voice, SMS and data allowances. Most EE business tariffs include unlimited calls and unlimited texts along with competitive data allowances.

EE business sharer plans
EE business sharer plans offers more flexibility in how you manage your users. It pools minutes, SMS and data between a customisable group of users and is shared between them. This makes best use of allowances and ensures maximum value for money.
EE business SIM only plans
EE business SIM only business plans are ideal if you are happy with the devices you have and just want great value EE business plans. Available at a range of price points with varying voice, data and SMS allowances, there is a business plan here to suit every situation.
EE business mobile broadband

EE business mobile broadband contracts offer the flexibility to work where you want, when you want. Contacts can include European access as well as double speed 4G+ where available.

Other benefits of EE business plans
As well as providing access to the country’s largest mobile phone network, EE business plans also have some other compelling features including Wi-Fi calling, inclusive EU roaming, free conference calling and voicemail and double speed 4G+ network access where available.

Why choose Excalibur

Choose Excalibur to provide your business mobiles. You not only gain access to a range of cost-effective mobile contracts, you also benefit from our own expertise.

Regular account reviews

We can perform regular account reviews to assess your usage and future needs on a schedule to suit you. Reviews can highlight potential cash savings or benefits of extra services.

Expert support

Our in-house team of specialist support technicians are on hand to help with any issue you may have with your phone, service or contract.

Great deals

As a EE Partner, Excalibur has access to a range of amazing deals on EE plans. We can offer prices and features not always available elsewhere.