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EE MobileIron Business Mobile Management

MobileIron from EE

MobileIron from EE is a cloud-based enterprise mobility management platform that enables businesses to control data and devices. It allows you to share content, push updates, share apps and makes sure your devices are always up to date and protected. Excalibur customers can gain access to this valuable resource as part of their EE business contract.

As we continue to move away from traditional desktop environments and more towards mobile, businesses need to maintain control of data and secure devices. You also need to maintain the flexibility that mobile working delivers. EE MobileIron seeks to do just that.

Key benefits of EE MobileIron:

  • Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10
  • Secure sandboxed infrastructure with a selection of advanced security apps
  • Protects data at rest and on the move
  • Delivers content to devices securely
  • Provides everything necessary to effectively manage mobile devices
  • Delivers granular control over devices and apps

The EE MobileIron enterprise mobility management platform creates an enclosed ecosystems within which you can control all of your business mobile devices. It secures devices, data, apps and connections.


Mobile security and antivirus

EE MobileIron includes a library of industry standard security applications that can be loaded onto every business mobile. They include firewalls, VPN, antivirus malware scanners and a selection of other powerful applications. All can be centrally controlled from your MobileIron dashboard and broadcast to all devices in your inventory.

Data security
EE MobileIron secures data while on the move and data at rest. By using full end-to-end security, data on the move is kept private regardless of where in the country your staff may be. Secure mobile encryption ensures any business data stored or accessed on the device is also kept secure. Security is at the heart of EE MobileIron, which is why it is used by some of the world’s leading companies. With it, you ensure only authorised staff with authorised devices can access your critical business intelligence.
Content Delivery

The availability of information is key to doing business. EE MobileIron provides instant access to cloud storage that can be configured with all the business data your staff require. This ensure they always have the data they need to so business. All safe and secure in a fully protected platform.

EE MobileIron can also report on data usage, device usage, movement, policy violations, security events and many other metrics. These deliver a much better understanding of how your business mobile are used and what types of data is most accessed while on the road.

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