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Samsung Knox

First line of defence against malicious attacks

Samsung Knox is an enterprise mobility management solution with security at its core. It delivers secure deployment, update and management of Samsung mobile devices while also enabling the work and personal to cohabit comfortably without one compromising the other. This makes it possible to embrace BYOD or allow personal use of business mobiles without risking security.

Users can only access the business layer of the device by entering the user-created password. The Knox password is separate from the standard log in screen so can be considered an additional layer of security. When setting up Knox on the device, you’re able to make certain applications accessible/inaccessible when using the business layer, this helps with security and ensures users can’t access any apps that can potentially compromise your company’s data.

Samsung Knox can also be tailored to your very specific needs. In can include web use policies, power management, connectivity behaviour, device and data access levels and even SDK configurations for full control over the device.

Samsung Knox is made up of several features that offer powerful advantages to any business who use Samsung devices.

Knox features

Knox Configure

Knox Configure enables fast deployment of mobile devices. It provides a secure cloud-based platform that can deploy system images, updates, patches, apps and policies to devices across your infrastructure. It can also ensure all devices are secure and compliant from the moment they are first turned on.

Knox Mobile Enrolment

Knox Mobile Enrolment is a cloud-based system that automatically installed an EMM agent as soon as a device is switched on for the first time. It will then install any agents or apps and ensures the device is fully secured and compliant before the user can even set it up. Knox Mobile Enrolment will also perform this task after a factory reset.

Knox Premium
Knox Premium is Samsung’s Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. It provides cloud-based control that enables full control over installed apps, data encryption, biometrics, diagnostics and management of mobile devices across the platform.
Knox Workspace

Knox Workspace isolates work from home in a secure container. It provides government-approved security and works on most newer Android devices. It isolates all work apps and data within the device like a separate client operating system. Accessed by a separate password, it is a very effective way to keep the business and personal separate.

Secure Folder
Secure Folder is a Samsung security app that provides the personal side to a device. Like Knox Workspace, it creates a separate container within which the user can store personal apps and data without interfering with work. Accessible through the Knox App and using a personal password, it allows some personal use of a business device.
Samsung E-FOTA
Samsung E-FOTA (Enterprise Firmware Over The Air) enables businesses to enforce firmware and software levels across the estate. The system verifies installed software, broadcasts updates and installs them on devices without any action required from the user.

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