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Vodafone Mobile Device Management

Manage all your business devices securely

Vodafone Mobile Device Management (MDM) is the tool you need to manage all of your business devices. It is a flexible, powerful Vodafone security platform that enables you to embrace mobile working and BYOD without compromising security.

Using Vodafone MDM, you can manage multiple business devices that use different operating systems and make them conform to your needs. You can optimise devices, data and staff while ensuring security and privacy remain intact. All from a central dashboard.

Vodafone Mobile Device Management enables you to:

  • Control diverse devices and operating systems with a single solution.
  • Protect data at rest and on the move.
  • Distribute patches, updates and apps across devices.
  • Configure, diagnose and repair devices remotely.
  • Remote wipe or lock devices in a security situation.

Vodafone MDM delivers compliance and security in one powerful solution. It is straightforward to implement, highly configurable and device and OS agnostic. It can include all company-owned hardware and employee hardware as part of BYOD.

Vodafone Mobile Device Management includes three distinct services, Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management, Vodafone Secure Device Manager and Vodafone Secure Net.


Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management

Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management enables you to benefit from the high security of the platform across mobile operating systems. Compatible with BlackBerry, iOS or Android devices, this Vodafone security platform enables separation of personal and work, enhanced data security and the ability to remotely manage every aspect of the device.

If your business is looking to BYOD, CYOD or COPE, Blackberry Unified Endpoint Management can help keep your work life separate from home.

Vodafone Secure Device Manager
Vodafone Secure Device Manager (VSDM) provides a reliable platform from which to control every aspect of your mobile infrastructure. You can broadcast updates, apps, firmware, system images and anything you need. You can support as many devices and as many types of devices as business requires and keep everything compliant.Vodafone security also provides the ability to remotely lock or wipe a device in the event of loss or theft, offering an essential extra protection.
Vodafone Secure Net
Vodafone Secure Net has been designed to offer complete control over a mobile workforce. It protects users against viruses, malware and phishing and protects your devices against data loss, unsafe websites and files. Managed from a central dashboard, it delivers total control over your mobile estate.Vodafone Secure Net works with your Vodafone Mobile Device Management solution to deliver robust security to all devices. All aspects of the system are managed from the network so there is nothing to install or manage.

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