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Proactive network security testing

Proactive network security testing

The only way you know if your network is really secure is to test it. To probe, to penetrate, to use hacker tools against your defences to see if they are really capable of keeping you secure.

Excalibur provides a selection of proactive network security testing services to business. They include:

  • Proactive network testing
  • Phishing tests
  • File monitoring

Each provides insight into how your network security and your staff would hold up in a real cyber security situation.

Proactive network testing

Reassurances from network engineers and promises made by marketing material are not enough to have confidence in your network security. You need to prove it works. Engineers looking out from your network may be confident in its abilities but what about a hacker on the outside looking in? How do they view your security precautions? There is only one way to find out.

Excalibur uses ethical hacking techniques to test your security in the same way a criminal hacker would. We then report back on our findings. It is the only way to be sure you are as safe as you think you are.

Phishing tests

Phishing is a hugely lucrative attack method for scammers. With phishing attacks becoming more sophisticated all the time, it is getting harder to spot the scam. Robust IT policies and staff training are the main defence against phishing, but how effective are they? How prepared are your staff for a targeted phishing attack?

The only way to find out is to test them. Using our unique ‘safe’ phishing methodology Excalibur can provide the answers. We simulate a real life phishing attack and track how staff react, how many emails are read and actioned and how many are safely ignored. All designed to identify training needs and shortcomings before scammers do.

File monitoring

File monitoring can alert you to unauthorised access, changes or deletion of company assets and actively stop it happening. It works in concert with barrier network security to provide multi-layered defence and data protection. By having files monitored, you can defend against unauthorised changes and report on size, use and many other metrics.

If a hacker does penetrate your defences, file monitoring can tell you what was accessed, when and what happened. You can then make informed decisions about what to do next quickly and from evidence rather than guesswork.

These proactive network security testing services are available to all Excalibur customers and can be tailored to your exact needs.

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Proactive network testing

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