We live in an increasingly digital world, where more and more day-to-day business operations are carried out online. Also, more customer data is now being collected, and there needs to be somewhere to store it. All of this opens up increased risks to you, as a business owner, and it’s your job to shore up your systems. If you’re not sure whether or not you should invest in your IT security, here are 10 reasons you should:

1. Your company is growing and resources are stretched

As your company grows and you take on new customers and staff, you will need to expand all aspects of your infrastructure. Do not leave IT security behind.

2. You are using old, outdated data storage solutions

Modern hackers have access to highly advanced techniques and devices that are more than capable of overcoming old, outdated storage solutions.

3. Customers have expressed concerns over your current systems

If this is the case, you should upgrade quickly. If you get reported to an organisation such as the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office), you could face a hefty fine.

4. You’re not even sure what your IT systems are made up of

Perhaps you have no real IT systems in place, which is possible if you’ve never taken the time to research them as your company grew. Contact a specialist today!

5. No one in your company has ever discussed cyber policy

You need a cyber policy in place both for customer peace of mind, and also to give those inside your company something to act on. If there’s no policy, it’s likely your existing systems are not up to scratch.

6. You’ve already experienced an attack

If you experience any breach of your IT security then it’s time to upgrade now before it happens again.

7. Employees bring their own devices to the office

If multiple devices are connecting to your business’s IT system, then you are more vulnerable to an attack. By upgrading, you can help shore up your systems.

8. GDPR brought about no change in your company

GDPR affected almost every business in the UK, as increased regulation affected all aspects of how you collect and store data. A key part of that was ensuring your systems are secure, and you are now open to surprise inspections from the ICO.

9. Your data sources are disparate

If you store sensitive data in multiple different locations, then again, you might be increased risk. By upgrading, you can bring everything under one central, secure location.

10. You have no data backups

If data isn’t backed up, then you risk losing everything if an attack occurs. Upgrading your systems allows you to store a duplicated version in case of an attack.

Get safe today

At Excalibur, we understand IT security, and have a number of clients for whom we manage their IT security each and every month. This allows us to regularly update any software and make sure all data is fully secure. If you’re worried about any aspect of your company’s IT security, contact us today. We would be happy to advise on a package to suit you.

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