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Moving your communications into the future

Using a VoIP service benefits your business with increased scalability and security. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses existing internet connections to make calls, rather than relying on traditional copper wires, meaning that you can expand your business without worrying about infrastructure.

At Excalibur, we’re here to help with every step of your move to VoIP. We’ll help you with choosing the perfect system for your needs, as well as rolling out handsets, and providing training and ongoing support for your team.

We’re a Swindon-based business as well, so not only are we just around the corner, but we’re also aware of the local challenges when it comes to Swindon business. With a vast existing client base across Swindon, we’re ready to help you with your hosted telephony.

  • Day-to-day support
  • Strategic setup
  • Device selection and upgrades
  • Security and spam monitoring
  • Business continuity support
  • Remote worker assistance
  • Rural phone solutions
  • Future-proofed telephony

Our Hosted Telephony Solutions in Swindon

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Cloud Telephony Consultation & Setup

We understand that for many businesses, installing a phone system can be overlooked due to pressing tasks. That’s where we come in – we’ll take care of the setup, create user profiles, and train your teams, freeing up your valuable time.

Our business approach is to build a partnership with you, understanding your business objectives, goals and scale. This way, we can advise on the best solution for you that won’t restrict your business growth or service to customers.

We’ll find the ideal solution for you, that works to increase customer satisfaction as well as make your team more efficient with every call.

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Office Move Telephony Migration

With hosted telephony, your number moves with you, no matter where your office is. For SMEs, moving offices as your team expands, or your requirements change, is inevitable.

Dealing with moving your telephone systems in the midst of an office move can be a big burden for office managers. This is where Excalibur can help. We’re on hand to help move devices over, move your phone number and register it at your new location.

We’ll also test to ensure that each device works in your new office and set each extension up to the right person’s desk. Not only do we tackle the hardest parts for you, we ensure minimal disruption for your business

Why not speak to our solutions specialist?

Give Mark a call on 01793438888 or email him at sales.enquiries@excaliburcomms.co.uk

Mark Holmes, Key Account Manager, Excalibur Communications, Swindon.

Mark Holmes

20+ years working with SMEs
to optimise their business communications.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is another way of saying hosted telephony. It refers to telephone systems that are hosted in the cloud, rather than in a physical location.

Since it’s based in the cloud, it removes the need for expensive and bulky hardware on-site and analogue or ISDN business phone lines. Instead, your phone system essentially becomes a piece of software that only needs a stable internet connection to function. With ISDN switch-off in 2025, many businesses are now looking for future-proofed solutions.

Moving from analogue to hosted telephony is one of the common technology transitions for businesses. With many business interactions now being virtual, businesses need a solution that gives flexibility to both staff and customers.

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Frequently asked questions

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Or contact us at any time at:
Is a hosted/VoIP phone system secure?

Hosted systems are secure because they have security from both ends, both the provider and the end user are set up with security measures. We help you to set these up, so there’s no worry.

Is a hosted phone easy to set up?

Setting up hosted telephony can be simple, since there are no physical cables to install and connect.

To get started, all you need is a stable internet connection. In terms of the actual installation process, hosted telephony options are often ‘plug and play’ once they’ve been configured, so they also can be moved about easily – handy if you need to be flexible with where you are working. Here at Excalibur, we’ll do this all for you.

What are the downsides to hosted telephony?

Since hosted telephony sends data through the internet, you’ll need a stable connection to support a hosted system.

Without this, it’s likely your call quality will be impacted. Fortunately, Excalibur specialise in a range of reliable, dedicated connectivity services.

What are the benefits of Hosted Telephony?

✓  Future-Ready Communications

With BT stating that all ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) services related to PBX systems will be switched off in 2025, it’s it’s so important that Swindon businesses find a new phone solution. Hosted telephony is the ideal solution that sets you up for success and scalability in the future.

✓  Easy Integration with Business Software

Using your existing business software is easy with VoIP. You can integrate with Teams, Outlook, and other sales software like Salesforce or HubSpot.

You can record calls, track when the call began, and take calls from within Teams without the need for a physical phone.

✓  Scalable at Speed

Scalable at Speed As hosted telephony is cloud-based you can add or change your users and settings with no downtime. This is a huge advantage for small and growing businesses, or any organisation going through a significantly busy period, such as the run-up to Christmas.

VoIP is also ideal for those who rent their business premises or who are working entirely remotely because your numbers and devices aren’t tied to one physical location.

✓  Cost-effective

The large initial cost of setting up a phone system has long been a blocker for Swindon-based SMEs. With VoIP. businesses can install a hosted telephony system without any expensive upfront cost. Instead, you pay on a monthly rolling contract, which makes it much easier to manage cash flow and ensure continuity of service.

✓  Reliable

Reliable There’s a common misconception that you need ultra-fast internet connectivity in order to use VoIP, but this is not the case. Providing you have a stable internet or data connection in place, hosted telephony is a very reliable service.

Unlike physical systems, hosted telephony isn’t susceptible to natural disasters like floods, fires and theft. Should anything go wrong, backup data centres with recovery procedures in place can make sure your systems stay up and running.

✓  Flexible

VoIP allows you to let your team work from anywhere that has a stable internet connection. This way, your employees can access their business phone numbers from anywhere with an internet connection, from multiple devices.

It’s also possible to make it look like staff are calling from certain locations (even if they’re not) – handy for those working from home but still using their usual line, or remote workers who need to look like local agents.

Why Choose Excalibur for Help With Hosted Telephony?

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Highly accredited

At Excalibur, we continually look to add more accreditations, as well as maintain our existing ones.  

On top of all our partner accreditations, we can proudly say we’re Vodafone Retention Partner Of The Year 2022. 

Support- concentrated

Most telephony providers have a low ratio of operations staff compared to sales and marketing. At Excalibur we hold a 4:1 ratio of service staff to sales. This ensures that we have enough resources internally to continually deliver and maintain an excellent standard of service.

On average we receive a 4.8 out of 5 stars rating as feedback from our cases.

Focused on engagement

We believe that improving our own staff engagement and well-being, it positively reflects in the service we deliver.

Excalibur is a Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. We also hold the Federation of Small Business South West Award for Employer of the Year 2018.

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We work with the best, to provide the best.

Excalibur have strong partnerships with Gamma, Vodafone and RingCentral, as well as more industry-specific partners, like Microsoft. Each of the providers we use guarantees a market-leading telephony system that comes with a variety of enhancing features.

Coupled with our outstanding support and industry-leading SLAs, hosted telephony set-up and ongoing use become painless.

What our clients say about us 

We’re delighted that so many of our clients are not only happy with our hosted telephony services but are willing to advocate for us.

I had a very interesting and productive 1st meeting with Excalibur yesterday. We got through a huge amount but ran perfectly to time. They were clearly very well prepared for the meeting and followed up with a concise list of actions. Overall, I have been left with an overwhelming feeling of positivity that we are going to make some real progress over the coming months in fine-tuning our IT set-up and improving our cyber security.

Lucy Griffiths | Swindon Property Group

So responsive, positive and helpful. Really going above and beyond.

Thank you for such wonderful IT Support.

Henry Marshall | Park House School

I am finding Laura at Excalibur a breath of fresh air, nothing too much trouble and only too pleased to try and help. In the short space of time I have had contact with her she’s managed to sort out a few of Middletons’ ongoing problems and not a whiff of using COVID-19 as an excuse not to try and help. Please pass on our thanks for all the work she is doing for us – long may it continue.

Karen Seymour | Middletons Solicitors

I really appreciate the way Charlotte at Excalibur took time to understand the specific needs I have from my mobile contract and found a way to achieve this, despite Vodafone’s tariffs. I have already passed her details onto a colleague and will be happy to recommend to others.

Katherine Woods | Meeting Magic

We have recommended Excalibur to other councils and will continue to do so. A definite 9 and almost a 10! Recently, Laura helped my understanding of Microsoft Teams. She helped steer me through it as a novice ready for our Council to use it for virtual meetings. No question was a stupid question and she patiently talked me through it. She is always professional and helpful in her dealings with my team right from advising on new systems through to follow-up on queries.

Shelley Parker | Marlborough Town Council

10/10 – I have been using Excalibur since it started in Swindon centre – I have one particularly good memory which has kept me with them ever since. I would, and do, always recommend Excalibur. And thank you to Amy for her supreme effort and excellent communication during lockdown.

MLL | Heritage Consultants Limited

Very easy to deal with, a keen price and excellent and efficient service to boot. Can’t be faulted.

Mike Crabb | John M Carter Ltd.

Ready to Move your
Communications to the Cloud?

There’s a range of different reasons a company needs hosted telephony, we’re confident our team can support you. Speak to one of our consultants about the challenges you’re facing, and we’ll give you a free initial assessment.