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First City’s Digital Transformation

First City needed a connectivity solution that could improve their communications and digital capabilities. Excalibur provided an ultra-fast CityFibre connection which supported their staff and enabled digital transformation.

Client testimonials

juice company logo

Juice needed fast networks and capable devices to ensure they can deliver the high quality work produced

argante care company logo
IT Solutions

Argante Care needed a new IT provider quickly, Excalibur implemented an IT solution with minimal downtime

wiltshire air ambulance company logo
Mobile | Connectivity | IT

As a life-saving charity, reliable communications and value are crucial. Excalibur partnered with Wiltshire Air Ambulance to provide both

All Services

A long-term partnership with Excalibur means Tithegrove are at the forefront of technology with just one supplier

mlettings company logo
Connectivity | IT

Excalibur delivered the IT solutions mLettings needed across all aspects of the business

taylor maxwell company logo

Taylor Maxwell now benefit from excellent mobile coverage backed by first class service from Excalibur

jbo | Excalibur Communications
Connectivity | Mobile

With multiple office locations with many staff on the road, JBP needed cast iron connectivity and optimum 4G signal

sccc company logo
Connectivity | IT

Communications were improved across the board for Somerset County Cricket Club with future-proof IT and connectivity

kingstons estate agents company logo
IT Solution

With staff on the road dealing with sensitive data, Kingstons needed robust security and productivity tools

Kyocera company logo
IT Solution

Robust security and Microsoft 365 allow Kyocera UK to collaborate around the globe

puzzler company logo

The latest devices Vodafone 4G and mobile support ensure Puzzler stay productive


Excalibur provided Thrings with a new mobile fleet on Vodafone, training the team on their new devices

leading resolution company logo
Connectivity | IT | Fixed

An infrastructure refresh was required at Leading Resolutions so it made sense to combine it with their office move

Good Energy company logo

Good Energy needed better mobile signal in remote locations, Vodafone Sure Signal helped them collaborate.

mpd logo
Fixed Telephony

Excalibur worked with MPD to deploy Vodafone One Net, increasing productivity and improving customer service

Brains logo

Remote locations and poor signal issues were resolved by using Vodafone Sure Signal devices and 4G handsets

swindon wildcats logo
Connectivity | IT | Fixed

The Swindon Wildcats needed a solution to handle high volume ticket sales. Vodafone One Net ensures calls are handled and never missed

Ecosulis logo
IT Solutions

With outdated systems, a move to the Cloud was essential to support growth at Ecosulis