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IT Support for Hotels You Can Count On

From safe storage of guest data information to dependable WiFi services, hotels rely heavily on IT as part of their everyday function. Sudden IT failure can be catastrophic for hotels and hospitality, especially where no immediate solution is available. That’s where we come in.

At Excalibur, we offer IT support that ensures you have everything you need right from the outset as well as the tools in the event of an emergency. The solutions you select guarantee peace of mind and continuity of service for you and your clientele.

As a partnership, we ensure the IT solutions within your hotel provide exactly what you need whilst also futureproofing your business. Whether you require a strong broadband connection that supports guests and staff use or are looking to rollout new software for check-in, we can help you with this and everything in between.

We’re not just an IT support company that solves your everyday IT woes; we also take the time to understand the more unique needs our customers face, building relationships along the way.

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Our Hotel IT Support Solutions

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Wireless Connectivity

Your office staff, customer service representatives, and guests will all be able to benefit from WiFi solutions that keep everything up and running. If you’re happy for guests to enjoy free WiFi, our solutions ensure fantastic usability where multiple devices are connected. Likewise, front-of-house staff will experience broadband that is reliable during check-in and check-out times.

What’s included:

• Choice of four connectivity options that keep you online
• Solutions that mean you are connected in minutes
• 24/7 access to WiFi
• Tailored packages that meet your exact needs
• Strong connection for multiple devices

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Secure Remote Backup

Safe storage of guest data is a fundamental priority for hotels. Our secure remote backup ensures this. It also offers exceptional support when infrastructure failures, whether through power cuts or cybersecurity shutdowns, meaning you are able to retrieve important information to support your hotel. Our secure remote backups ensure minimal disruption to your daily proceedings whilst keeping your client’s data safe.

What’s included:

• Daily reporting and information backups
• Flexible data limits
• Protection against accidental deletion, hardware failure and data corruption
• Active monitoring for threats
• Quick retrieval of files when required

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Cyber Security

With personal data and credit card information on file, hotels can be a prime target for cybercriminals. Installing a firewall and enforcing tight password protection is not enough. Our cyber security services assess the risks your business faces, matching them with viable solutions and precautions that work for you.

What’s included:

• Assessment of your hotel business’s weak points
• Cyber Essentials technical controls
• Contribution to wider IT cyber security measures
• Understanding priority areas that require immediate attention
• Advice on additional staff training and simulation exercises
• Experts on hand to assist

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Office 365 Migration

Supercharge your efficiencies and processes around your hotel with Microsoft 365. As well as offering excellent collaboration for office-based staff, it also gives check-in staff access to tools such as Outlook to monitor high-priority bookings.

What’s included:

• Seamless integration of Microsoft 365
• Training and education for users around various programmes suitable for hotel requirements
• Management of licences
• Immediate access to Microsoft’s latest products and updates
• Regular updates for hardware and software
• Exceptional customer care

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

There are excellent software choices available online that perfectly fit the day-to-day running of a hotel business. With rota scheduling, convenient to-do lists that organise daily tasks to be completed and tools that manage things like sustainability targets, introducing this to your staff can be an excellent idea. If you need support with migration or rollouts, we can walk you through the steps.

What’s included:

• Implementation and migration services
• SME-friendly solutions
• Support with integrating services
• Quick and speedy assistance with setting up software, such as staff holiday management
• Expert opinions and risk assessments completed on new SaaS required
• Support with upgrading cyber security in response to potential risks, if required

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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Offering industry-grade protection, Sophos Endpoint Protection is a threat intelligence programme that assesses and observes suspicious behaviours on your system. It also ensures your endpoints and data are protected, which is vital for hotel management. You’ll appreciate total convenience too as everything is managed by us, meaning there’s no need for an in-house IT team.

What’s included:

• Web control category-based filtering
• Application control point & click blocking
• Peripheral control managed access to removable media & mobile devices
• Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• Anti-malware, HIPS & malicious traffic detection
• Web, application, device & data control
• Endpoint web filtering

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Benefits of Specialist IT Support for Hotels

At Excalibur, your IT support is in good hands. Whether we’re required to work alongside an existing IT department or are utilised to install and support with software migration, we’re here for you. As the experts, we deal with everything from technical jargon to cyber security issues, leaving you time to complete the most important tasks.

You’re guaranteed to feel secure when you partner with Excalibur. Our tailored solutions ensure your IT requirements are fully met and delivered seamlessly to your hotel.

  • Reduced pressure on IT
  • We focus on IT solutions you need, ensuring minimal disruption to service
  • You’ll always have experts on hand to guide you
  • A cost-effective solution that delivers above and beyond
  • Peace of mind handling personal information that the hotel industry requires
  • Our solutions save time, and help futureproof your business

Microsoft Gold Partner

At Excalibur, we’re classed as a Microsoft Gold Partner due to our top-level customer service and support with Microsoft products. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we ensure you have the latest Microsoft-based IT services available to you, whilst receiving customer service that exceeds your expectations.


Why Choose Excalibur for Hotel IT Support?

Always Available

Our services keep you connected, ensuring you are always available for your customers. We’re here for you 24/7.

Accredited Industry Partnerships

When you partner with Excalibur, you are never alone. Our first-class IT support stems from exceptional tech providers that only offer the best.

Invested in Our Team

From cyber security to frontline support, we are fully equipped to tackle your request. As part of our dedication, we ensure over 1,000 hours of training are available to our staff every year

What our IT clients say about us 

Here is a selection of testimonials from our satisfied customers in the IT sector:

The main benefit is not the new computers or more reliable IT infrastructure but the relationship we have with all their team. They work with us, have partnered with our departmental teams and value personal relationships that build trust.

Derek Peaple | Park House School

The classroom is becoming increasingly digitised and our systems couldn’t keep up. Servers were slow, networks got blocked and it seemed we were spending more time managing the computers than using them to learn. The new systems and software is fantastic but more important is the support we get.

Julie Greer | Cherbourg Primary School

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When you work with Excalibur, you’ll experience first-class IT support. For hotels across Swindon and the South West of the UK, we have the right solution for you.