IT Support for IT Departments

Flexible IT support that strengthens your IT operations

Our comprehensive IT support supplements your existing IT department
with products that provide peace of mind and additional support.

Dynamic IT Support for IT Departments

IT teams are often stretched, trying to balance maintenance tasks with system upgrades all whilst keeping up with ever-changing regulations. That’s where we come in.

At Excalibur, we offer IT support that provides you with the additional support you need.

Whether that’s cybersecurity, rollouts of new software or even Microsoft Office 365 migration, we can provide the support you need, when you need it.

We pride ourselves on creating long-lasting relationships with every person we work with. By working in conjunction with you, we learn what your needs are and how we can best support you, now and in the future.

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Our IT Department Support Solutions

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Cyber Security

A simple firewall and tight password settings aren’t enough. Our cyber security support assesses your business’ risks so we know how to react. We can support with reinforcing cyber security training, and much more.

  What’s included:

  • Cyber Essentials technical controls
  • Assessments of your organisation’s weak points
  • Contribution to wider IT strategy
  • Phishing Simulation
  • Advice on additional training and prompts for staff

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Secure Remote Backup

Offering greater security for your work, we provide secure remote backup that saves you hassle. Whether you are suffering from infrastructure issues, such as a fire or power failure, or urgently need to access your files from elsewhere, we can safely house the items you need.

What’s included:

• Daily backups and reporting
• Flexible data limits
• Offers protection against accidental deletion, hardware failure and data corruption
• Restore lost files
• Active monitoring for accidental deletion

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SIP Trunking

Looking to migrate your current ISDN phone system into something far more convenient? Our SIP trunking service offers greater reliability, flexibility and efficiency than traditional phone services.

What’s included:

• Cheaper daily running costs
• Minimal bandwidth required
• Seamless transition and setup guaranteed
• Offers business continuity during emergencies or infrastructure failure
• Quick call rerouting
• Single SIPs can have multiple channels

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Office 365 Migration

We remove the hassle of Office 365 migration for you, so you can focus on the tasks that matter. As well as taking the lead, we manage risk and take the time to properly understand the scope of work required.

What’s included:

• Risk assessment and management
• Smooth implementation and configuration
• Options to minimise disruption through hybrid migration
• Access to discounted licensing
• Management of licenses and Exchange certifications

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Sophos Endpoint Protection

Sophos Endpoint Protection offers industry-grade protection, which is completely managed by us. The programme reads real-time threat intelligence, correlating suspicious behaviours and abnormal activities to ensure your endpoints and data are protected.

What’s included:

• Web control category-based filtering
• Application control point & click blocking
• Peripheral control managed access to removable media & mobile devices
• Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
• Anti-malware, HIPS & malicious traffic detection
• Web, application, device & data control
• Endpoint web filtering
• Synchronised endpoints and firewall security

Wireless Connectivity

Our wireless connectivity service ensures you have the connection you need to conduct your everyday tasks. As internet management takes up considerable time, we do this on your behalf so you can focus on the most important tasks. We ensure you remain operational 24/7.

What’s included:

• A choice between four connectivity options to help you stay online
• Fast and reliable connectivity
• Solutions ensure your business has 24/7 access
• Strong fixed broadband and WiFi solutions available
• Out-of-the-box solutions that can have you connected within minutes
• Tailored and personalised solutions that are entirely dependent on your needs and existing IT infrastructure
• Easy scalability later on down the line

Why not speak to our solutions specialist?

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Mark Holmes, Key Account Manager, Excalibur Communications, Swindon.

Mark Holmes

20+ years supporting IT businesses with their operations.

Benefits of Specialist IT Department Support

We act as an add-on for your IT department, letting you do the jobs that matter. We focus on the jobs and tasks that are important whilst allowing you to conduct your daily tasks. At Excalibur, we are the experts who strengthen your IT process.

You’ll always feel secure when you work with us. As well as offering tailored solutions to your IT requirements, we ensure that our services are delivered in a seamless manner.

  • No delays from knowledge gaps within your internal team
  • Cost-effective use of your IT budget
  • Efficient response time, meaning your team is never alone
  • Reduced pressure on your IT department, so you can focus on high priority projects

Microsoft Gold Partner

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we provide the highest level of collaboration and customer care when it comes to Microsoft products. Working with a Microsoft Gold Partner means you have access to the latest Microsoft IT services and products, as well as receiving an exceptional standard of customer support.


Why Choose Excalibur for Law Firm IT Support?

Here when you need us

Whether you require 24/7 support or simply the ease to focus on your regular tasks, our services ensure you are always connected.

Industry Partnerships

We partner with exceptional tech providers to ensure you always receive first-class IT support. You are never alone with our support.

Trained and qualified staff

With over 1,000 hours of training invested in our staff every year, we are well-versed in a range of topics from cybersecurity to frontline support.

What our IT clients say about us 

Here is a selection of testimonials from our satisfied customers in the IT sector:

It’s like having extra staff members at school. They are friendly, approachable and always ready to help. The team are experts and helped us develop a roadmap for upgrades and plan for the future. We envisage a long-term partnership.

Nicky Tregear | Wordsworth Primary School

The main benefit is not the new computers or more reliable IT infrastructure but the relationship we have with all their team. They work with us, have partnered with our departmental teams and value personal relationships that build trust.

Derek Peaple | Park House School

The classroom is becoming increasingly digitised and our systems couldn’t keep up. Servers were slow, networks got blocked and it seemed we were spending more time managing the computers than using them to learn. The new systems and software is fantastic but more important is the support we get.

Julie Greer | Cherbourg Primary School

How Can We Help Your Team?

At Excalibur, we partner with exceptional tech providers that produce first-class IT support for IT departments in Swindon and across the South West of the UK.