Charity Support, Fundraising and Volunteering


Charity Support

Excalibur runs a number of challenges and initiatives to support charities which are close to our employees and the community. 

Salary Sacrifice

Every month, employees from Excalibur deduct a small percentage of their wages to be donated to a selected charity. The money generated from this scheme has allowed charities to provide extra support and run additional campaigns.

Employee driven challenges

Every year Excalibur find a way to push the limits by undertaking a tough fundraising event. Recent years has seen Excalibur complete the national 3 peak challenge and cycle the world.

These events raised a combined amount of £50,000 to be donated to charities close to us. 


When a local charity requests support, we always check if we’re able to lend a helping hand. Whether that’s painting, transporting some goods or simply some packaging, we’ll do our best to offer a lending hand.