“‘Response times from everyone at Excalibur are swift. We are incredibly pleased at how the transition went and how our service is now managed.”

Sarah Gill – Account Manager

Juice Moving Images

Juice Moving Images

What do they do?

Juice Moving Images are a digital creative agency at the cutting edge of content development. They deliver video, animations, digital solutions and learning programmes to customers across the globe.

The company’s main challenge is staying connected wherever in the world they might be and managing the gigabytes of data each project generates – whether that be on films shoots, in the office or at client sites. As a digital agency, they also have to ensure applications and devices work at all times.

The digital content market is fast moving so Juice needed the technology to keep up. That technology had to be new, reliable and something that helps showcase the company for the modern enterprise they are. As most interactions with customers are web-based, Juice demanded fast networks and capable devices to deliver the quality of service they deserve.

How did Excalibur help?

Juice was already a Vodafone customer and were happy with the network speed and availability. As a small business, they did not qualify for advanced support or their own account manager which led to dissatisfaction in some service areas. As Juice had heard of us at Excalibur, they came calling. After lengthy discussions and discovery sessions, we took over management of the Juice mobile contract.

We provided new Android devices and continued using Vodafone as a network provider. Juice now has their own Excalibur account manager and access to our fully trained technical helpdesk. This alone has given Juice the confidence that they can get issues resolved quickly and have a single point of contact who knows them, knows the challenges they face and can react appropriately.

How do Juice Moving Images operate now?

With newer handsets and mobile devices, Juice employees can present to clients over the web and continue to travel while minimising costs. They get to do everything they did before, only faster and better. As most of their work is based on the web, using Vodafone means a consistently high service quality across the world. No matter where the client is located, staff know they can stream presentations or hold meetings online without issue.

What opportunities does this bring?

The shift to Android and away from Apple has widened the field in terms of apps. Samsung cameras are the best in the market right now and as much of Juice’s work is photo or video-based, this provides a valuable extra benefit in terms of image quality.

‘Excalibur has taken a part of our business that always needed improvement and completely revolutionised it. We now have our own account manager who knows how we work, who to talk to and how to get results. We don’t have to sit in a call centre queue to get answers and our queries are resolved immediately without being passed from person to person like before.’

‘Response times from everyone at Excalibur are swift. We are incredibly pleased at how the transition went and how our service is now managed.’

Sarah Gill – Account Manager