‘Excalibur took the time to understand the nature of our business and our needs and gave us some great advice about what we could do differently. That’s when we discussed One Net and it was one of the best decisions we have made.’

Rocco Scisci

MPD Offset

MPD Offset Ltd

Their challenge

The challenge facing MPD Offset Limited was actually a pleasant one. Continued growth and the desire to deliver a wider product offering while contending with a converted building. The company wanted to reduce time between order and delivery but didn’t have the means by which to do it thanks to legacy mobile contracts and outdated infrastructure. Excalibur suggested the Vodafone One Net solution.

How did Excalibur help?

Excalibur immediately saw how Vodafone One Net could benefit MPD Offset Limited by upgrading their handsets, introducing unified communications and bringing everyone closer together. Company systems were connected to the Vodafone One Net Business network and everything was brought under the umbrella of a single contract.

Now, it doesn’t matter where in the world they are, staff are always in contact. They can collaborate quickly and easily, formulate solutions on the fly and share orders and information at the touch of a button.

How do MPD operate now?

The business impact of this collaboration between Excalibur and MPD Offset Limited was immediate. Time between receiving an order and delivering it has been cut by 10%, collaboration and productivity increased by between 15-20% and most importantly, all calls from customers are now answered immediately.

Director of MPD Offset Limited, Rocco Scisci estimates the company is now enjoying a 10% reduction in costs across the board.

“Excalibur took care of everything, cancellation of our historic contracts, the number porting, we didn’t need to get involved in anything– it was completely smooth and hassle free. I didn’t have to worry about a thing.”

“I couldn’t live without it, my mobile is like an extension of my desk now. One Net Business completely fits our needs as a business, whereas before we used to just put up with the inflexibility and slowness. We are so impressed with the solution and the service Excalibur has provided to date that we are now getting them to look at our IT services too.” 

Rocco Scisci