“We would give Excalibur a 10! We are extremely satisfied with the efficient and personal service given to us by Mark Holmes and his team and would highly recommend Excalibur to our business colleagues.”

Lindsey Milton

Puzzler Media

Puzzler Media

What do they do?

Puzzler Media are part of the DC Thomson publishing group that specialises in puzzle magazines and providing puzzles for other outlets. With a worldwide market presence and offices across the UK and the rest of the world, this is a dynamic and fast moving company. Known mainly for Puzzler magazine, the company has moved with the times and shifted from pure print to mobile and web too.

With mobile contracts falling behind demand and not offering value, it was a good time to combine multiple mobile contracts into one, update device hardware and experience a higher level of customer service.

How did Excalibur help?

The solution was to work with Excalibur. As a leading Vodafone Total Communications Partner, they were able to secure a very attractive mobile tariff that included a range of device hardware covering the needs of everyone in the business.

Puzzler Media now benefits from using iPhones, Lumia 950, Samsung Galaxy A5 and iPads rather than older, less featured devices. This emables the team to carry out more tasks on the fly and collaborate throughout the day. The company also benefits from Gold Mobile support provided by the team at Excalibur’s Head Office, ensuring help is always at hand should they need it.

How do Puzzler operate now?

The results have been positive across the board. Newer, faster mobile devices enable greater productivity. Excellent mobile coverage ensures a signal wherever staff may be on a given day and superior 4G coverage and speeds mean working out of the office does not have the same productivity costs as it used to.