“We knew something had to change! We decided to go with Excalibur for their consultative approach. We’re too small to have our own IT department so I feel like they are another arm to the business and someone we completely rely on to support our revenue streams. It’s also a bonus that they are just around the corner!”

Steve Nell – Managing Director

Swindon Wildcats

What do they do?

At the time of consulting with Excalibur, the Swindon Wildcats had just one telephone line. It wasn’t always reliable and customers had a lot of difficulty getting through. At the same time, head office team had expanded to incorporate sponsorship sales and ticket bookings which had previously been managed by the local council.

It was crucial that the Wildcats were able to sell tickets and increase revenue for the club. Something the existing solution could not do.

How did Excalibur help?

Excalibur recommended Vodafone One Net as the best solution for their current requirements and future growth. One Net is a hosted telephone system which integrates fixed and mobile devices through a fully managed platform.

The One Net package was recommended to ensure that calls into the club are never missed and every customer was dealt with efficiently.

How do Swindon Wildcats now?

Since installing Vodafone One Net, the Swindon Wildcats have now been able to be more flexible in their approach to managing the club. Staff can divert calls to mobile or engage their ‘virtual secretary’ to take messages. With one central voicemail, everyone can pick them up so they can be dealt with faster. They can also deal with the many out of hours calls that are received on evenings and weekends.

The lines into the club are now more reliable and have been increased so they are no longer dealing with just that single line. As game attendance and staff numbers increase, the club are able to add lines when required to support their expansion.

As a result, staff dealing with this are now able to spend more time on the road out a meetings and networking events to raise awareness for the club and gain much needed sponsorship. Revenue and ticket sales have increased and more corporate sponsorship has been made possible due to this flexibility.