The 2025 PSTN
Switch off

We’ll help your company move to a modern alternative, with no stress or downtime.

What is the PSTN Switch Off?

In 2017, Openreach announced that they are switching off the old analogue PSTN and ISDN in 2025. This is the system that traditional landlines in homes and businesses depend on nationwide. This means that businesses will need to upgrade to a more modern solution, for both voice services and broadband. Any other devices that connect to the PSTN such as CCTV, alarm systems, and EPOS machines will also need upgrading.

Businesses that do not upgrade will lose access to both their landline and broadband.

Why is this happening?

The traditional PSTN network is old and difficult to maintain. PSTN as a technology cannot keep up with the demands of the 21st century. Across the country, businesses are switching from landlines to mobile and internet-based communication. It’s an easy process to modernize, but it’s important for your IT department or connectivity partner to take the initative and not be left behind.

What is the timeline?

The final goodbye for these services will arrive at the end of 2025. That might seem along way off, but in fact the switch off has already begun. Since October 2021, new PSTN lines have not been available to buy in 169 locations, and from September 2023 they will be unavailable for purchase throughout the country.

Timeline indicating BT's plans for the PSTN switch-off

When Can I no longer Purchase?

Openreach are progressively stopping the sale of PSTN services across the country, area by area. Use the map to the right to find the closest exchange to your HQ.

What Are my options?

In our experience, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The perfect option for your company depends entirely on your requirements, meaning what you’re currently using your PSTN line for.
Excalibur provide a variety of different options:

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The perfect option for smaller businesses who only use their PSTN line for their landline. Phoneline+ has been designed by Gamma to specifically replace the traditional landline service using VOIP technology to make and receive voice calls over the broadband network. 

VoIP solutions like this are almost always simpler than traditional solutions, while being more scaleable and including many features that traditional PBXs do not.

Excalibur are providing Phoneline+ for as low as £9.99 per month.

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Previously, for broadband to an office, both a traditional phone line and a broadband line needed to be installed. Single Order Generic Access (SoGEA) provides a singular connection entirely through the internet, elminating the need for a telephone line.

To replicate your current FTTC broadband while not using the PSTN, SoGEA is the best long-term solution.

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Excalibur are providing Gamma’s all-in-one solution to easily migrate both your phoneline and your broadband off the PSTN, while preserving your current number.

Simple swap incorporates both SOGEA and Phoneline+, which minimizes the risk of disruption to all employees relying on their phone line and broadband.

Why Choose Excalibur to help you make the move?

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Highly accredited

At Excalibur, we continually look to achieve and uphold industry relevant accreditations that focus on improving the way we operate and our overall service.

On top of all our partner accreditations, we can proudly say we’re a Vodafone Regional Partner of the Year 2020.


Most broadband and telephony providers have a low ratio of operations staff to compared to sales and marketing. At Excalibur we hold a 4:1 ratio of service staff to sales.

This ensures that we have enough resources internally to continually deliver on-time and maintain an excellent standard of service.

Focused on engagement

We believe that by improving our own staff engagement and well-being, it positively reflects in the service we deliver.

Excalibur is a Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work for 2017, 2018 and 2020. We also hold the Federation of Small Business South West Award for Employer of the Year 2018.

What our clients say about us 

Here at Excalibur, we’ve already helped many businesses modernize their broadband and telephony. We’re delighted that so many of our clients are not only happy with our hosted telephony services but are willing to advocate for us.

I had a very interesting and productive 1st meeting with Excalibur yesterday. We got through a huge amount but ran perfectly to time. They were clearly very well prepared for the meeting and followed up with a concise list of actions. Overall, I have been left with an overwhelming feeling of positivity that we are going to make some real progress over the coming months in fine-tuning our IT set-up and improving our cyber security.

Lucy Griffiths | Swindon Property Group

So responsive, positive and helpful. Really going above and beyond.

Thank you for such wonderful IT Support.

Henry Marshall | Park House School

I am finding Laura at Excalibur a breath of fresh air, nothing too much trouble and only too pleased to try and help. In the short space of time I have had contact with her she’s managed to sort out a few of Middletons’ ongoing problems and not a whiff of using COVID-19 as an excuse not to try and help. Please pass on our thanks for all the work she is doing for us – long may it continue.

Karen Seymour | Middletons Solicitors

I really appreciate the way Charlotte at Excalibur took time to understand the specific needs I have from my mobile contract and found a way to achieve this, despite Vodafone’s tariffs. I have already passed her details onto a colleague and will be happy to recommend to others.

Katherine Woods | Meeting Magic

We have recommended Excalibur to other councils and will continue to do so. A definite 9 and almost a 10! Recently, Laura helped my understanding of Microsoft Teams. She helped steer me through it as a novice ready for our Council to use it for virtual meetings. No question was a stupid question and she patiently talked me through it. She is always professional and helpful in her dealings with my team right from advising on new systems through to follow-up on queries.

Shelley Parker | Marlborough Town Council

10/10 – I have been using Excalibur since it started in Swindon centre – I have one particularly good memory which has kept me with them ever since. I would, and do, always recommend Excalibur. And thank you to Amy for her supreme effort and excellent communication during lockdown.

MLL | Heritage Consultants Limited

Very easy to deal with, a keen price and excellent and efficient service to boot. Can’t be faulted.

Mike Crabb | John M Carter Ltd.
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Could your business function without phone lines?

Moving off the traditional PSTN is unfortunately inevitable, and must be handled by a trusted expert. Speak to one of our team about the challenges you’re facing, with no obligations or pushy sales tactics. Just a friendly conversation about which solution is best for your business, and how we can keep you ahead of the game.

Prefer to contact a solutions expert directly? 

Give Mark a call on 01793 438888 or e-mail him at

Mark Holmes, Key Account Manager, Excalibur Communications, Swindon.

Mark Holmes

20+ years providing connectivity solutions