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All businesses require comprehensive, skilled and on-demand IT support to enable them to operate.

A leading provider in IT Support

As enterprises become increasingly networked, digitally-enabled and integrated with emerging IoT applications, the pressures of digital transformation make the strategic importance of quality IT support increasingly key.

  • Cyber Security Experts
  • IT Project Services
  • Proactive Monitoring
  • Award Winning Service Desk
  • Back up management
  • Cloud Services
A full package of IT support

We offer a full package of IT support, covering managed IT services, cloud and security, hardware, software, servers and more.

We have digital experts with expertise in app and website developments, database professionals with CRM and ERP backgrounds, cloud migration specialists, digital and IT strategists, issues resolution technicians and more. Together, our large, diverse and highly effective team provide a full-service managed IT support solution, meeting your organisation’s unique needs in a high-quality, cost-effective way.

The challenges of in-house IT Support teams

Some larger businesses can afford to maintain in-house IT teams, but the resourcing costs are significant and it is challenging to recruit and retain a large enough team to cover the wide, challenging and ever-evolving breadth and depth of skill sets required to deliver a full IT solution in today’s rapidly changing world.

For this reason, many forward-thinking businesses are turning to expert managed services that provide full access to cutting-edge skills, talent and expertise on a flexible basis – buying in the services they need, when they need it and at rates that make sense for the business.

Your chosen IT support partner in Swindon

For IT support Swindon wide, and even further afield, Excalibur Communications is your partner of choice. We offer a full range of managed IT services that act to:

  • Help you run your business more efficiently – with skilled IT experts on hand whenever you need them
  • Keep your overheads and fixed staffing costs low – by accessing skills, talent and expertise on a flexible ‘as needed’ basis
  • Provide access to a full range of IT support skill sets that would naturally exceed the breadth of experience that an in-house team might provide, especially for a budget-conscious SME business
  • Provide a tailor-made IT support package that is designed to meet the unique needs of your business
  • Help you to springboard ahead of the competition by ensuring that your business is online, experiences minimal downtime and is enabled and supported to deliver at all times – leveraging your digital assets to best effect to provide a sustainable competitive advantage in the longer term.

Operate in the Education sector?

We also provide IT support for a number of schools and education institutions across Wiltshire and Hampshire. Check out our specialist division here. 

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Ready to get Started?

Whatever the reason you need IT services from us, we can help. And if you’re not sure exactly what you need, that’s not a problem either. Our team of experts will be able to accurately diagnose what you need through our free initial assessment.